Welcome to Bio-Tech and Life on Earth!
Click the image above to learn all about cells, beginning with animal cells, such as those that you are made of!
Click the bacterium above to learn all about bacteria, such as those that live inside you!
Click the strange creature above to learn all about viruses, there are some of these pirates inside your body!
Learn all about multicellularity - how cells build tissues, organs and bodies, beginning with animal bodies
such as yours!
Click the grex to learn all about creatures whose bodies are made of slime!
Learn how animal bodies, like yours and the beasty above, are put together!
Explore the wild woods and learn all about plant life and how plant bodies are put together and how they
work, including the majestic trees!
Click the cylinders to learn about biomechanics and bioengineering - why living bodies are the way they are!
Click the jellyfish to learn about creatures whose bodies are made of jelly!
Biodiversity - why and how living things are classified.
Biochemistry - what chemicals are living things made from?
Insect biology - learn all about the sophisticated and alien world of insects!
Echinoderms, such as starfish, have very different body plans to other animals ...
Earthworms are a type of segmented worm or annelid, and their bauplan is more
complex than you may think ...
Archives - additional BioTech materials
that supplement the main exhibits.
Marine worms come in a bewildering variety of forms, sizes and colours!
See the
polychaete exhibit.
Cephalopods capture the popular imagination with their 'intelligent alien'
Jellyfish link
Algae - protoplants, building bodies
Porifera - the sponges - animals, but only just!
Rotifers (Wheel
Crinoids (Sea Lilies) are another group of echinoderms
Nematodes (Round
Holothuroids (sea cucumbers) are also echinoderms
and may dominant the Hadal planes.
Flatworms 1 - tapeworms
Millipedes (diplopods)