Below are more original pictures of mine (well, the head for the demon was based on a demon in a book I had as a child and then the Nautiloid
was based on a prehistoric creature that really existed on Earth and the idea for the skeleton face came from a childhood book on drawing
monsters). Click on the thumbnails to enlarge. Click on each image's label for more information. Warning! Don't try to eat the fruit of the spider
Pestilence Demon
Plant Thing
Black Dragon
Astral Thing
T&T Demon - Baalzebub?
Below are some of my freehand renditions of pictures from other sources. The Kelpie is a demon from Scottish myth. The Yara Mar was from a
book I read as a child. The T&T Demon is my rendition of the demon from the inside front cover of Tunnels and Trolls (I don't know who the
original artist was) - in the original a wizard is summoning him from a puff of smoke, with the help of a magic circle. Adramelech is a picture that I
have seen various people reproduce, of a mediaeval demon who personified false glory, pride and vanity.
Greater Fire Demon Sketch
Euserytus link
Slime Zombie
Hoover Beast
Hoover Beast
The Mindless Ones appeared in a 1975 Marvel comic I had as a child, these giants were about 30 metres tall and created their own path
through the Astral Plane. This is possibly a reference to the Empty Ones said to dwell there. Those old comics are full of wonderful creatures
and fabulous art work that have been forgotten by most.
Mindless Ones
Myrmicolion: a mythical creature with the head of a lion
and the body of an ant. However this unfortunate
creature was generated, they were short-lived, since
the lion head's appetite for meat caused it to consume
food that the ant body could not digest, and so it
eventually died of indigestion! (Don't ants eat meat?)

Mindless Ones: 'Riding a path from nowhere' these
astral giants destroy all in their path. Each one towers
some 30 or 40 metres in height. Perhaps these are
reminiscent of the Qlippoth - shells or empty ones that
astral travellers claim to encounter,
Ice Demon
Ice Demon
Abyssal Wurm
Abyssal Wurm
Forest Demon
Abyssal Hydra
Astral Apparition
Soul Stealer
coelenterate male
Forest Demon
The mighty Euserytus is demon lord of
the dark forests of the nightmare realm.
Towering over 12 feet in height with
fiery-red glowing eyes and fire-snorting
nostrils, Euserytus is a terrifying sight to
With glowing bodies clothed in
black flames that both freeze
and burn to the touch and the
ability to breath fire and cast
fireballs, Greater Fire Demons
make formidable opponents!
Assuming their prime form,
pestilence demons are towering
skeletal forms with insect-like
heads and are clothed in
poisonous heavy smoke which
constantly pours from their bodies!
These polymorphic entities originate from a
world trapped in the bridge between the normal
Universe and the Mystic Realm, a pocket of
spacetime where physical laws differ
considerably from the familiar.
Relations of prehistoric forms familiar
from fossils on Earth, the Nautiloids
are intelligent bioluminescent beings
that inhabit the inner and outer
abyssal zones, dwelling in strange but
beautiful spiral cities.
The Yara Mar of legend lived in trees,
dropping down on unsuspecting victims
which they could swallow whole with their
cavernous mouths!
The legendary Kelpie could assume
the form of a horse, where they would
wait near rivers and lochs, tempting
travellers to ride them across, at which
point they would drown their poor
A demon of this description once graced the
cover of the Tunnels and Trolls FRP game.
Being summoned by a magician it began to
materialise out of smoke. Its insect-like head
suggests it to be a pestilence demon or
perhaps the Lord of Flies himself!
Abyssal Hydra