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Ambassador of Nemesis
Abyssal Verm
Zero Entity
The Zero Beings are gigantic amorphous masses of exotic matter which zoom in on anything edible and
devour it. When they reach a certain size they fragment into several smaller individuals. These beings are
feared by all travellers of the Abyss who know of their existence.
Abyssal worms come in an incredible, possibly
infinite, variety of forms. Frequently beautifully
ornamented with bioluminescent lights and a
diverse variety of appendages, some are
apparently harmless, whilst others are fierce
predators and scavengers.
These formidable creatures appear to be synthetic
life-forms sent across the Stellar Planes on missions of
retribution. They are thought to be a weapon used by the
Ancients to keep other races from attaining too much
An intelligent being encountered by the Starstrider,
these beings have an ability to reproduce at an
astonishing rate given a suitable source of electricity,
but are not always hostile. It's reflective skin and reflect
laser beams.
Zero Beings
The plantoid above is a denizen of Epsilon Krakonis-9. Genetic analysis of the many
peculiar lifeforms of this world revealed a problem origin for its life 1.2 million years
ago. This tallies with the young age of the yellow giant Epsilon-Krakonis, which is only
about 500 million years old. Even though lifeforms evolve rapidly on EK-9, natural
ecosystems of this complexity generally take far longer to evolve. Phylogenetic
analysis points very strongly to a purely synthetic origin of life on this planet -
unknown beings apparently created life on this world with bottom-up engineering of a
highly sophisticated type, in which genes and proteins were designed from first
Cerotopsians: Torosaurus
Plague Demon
Plague Demon
Abyssal Worm
symbiont controller