Energy drainers feed on raw electromagnetic energy which they can attract
towards themselves to absorb the power! They have five eyes, four of which
are mounted on telescopic stalks! Their six tentacled arms can absorb
energy or transmit it as a beam of intense light or electrical energy in
self-defence. Their origin is unknown.
Gallery 4
The Dragons were possibly the first inhabitants of the Mystic Earth. Whether they stumbled upon this
world during timeless wanderings across the Astral Planes or whether they originated there is not
known. They are extremely long-lived, persisting for thousands of years, and have always been few
in number upon the Mystic Earth. They have extraordinary powers which they draw directly from
elemental forces such as the metallic elements gold, silver, copper, antimony, iron, mercury and
lead. They vary in temperament and purpose. Some resent the newer arrivals to the Mystic earth,
longing for a return to the old days when it belonged to the Dragons and their kin. Others protect
some of the ancient wonders and mysteries, including portals and the most marvellous mystical
Plant Thing