Adathon - Lord of the Gloomy Wastes
Adathon: Lord of the Gloomy Wastes

  Intelligence:        very
  Alignment:         -99 (almost pure evil)
  Perception:         S 99 (NV 99)   H 80  T 36   S/T 99   navigate 100   ESP 96
  SM:                     x3, x6, x50
  TM:                    120 m / turn
  Strength:            2 dragons
  Hits:                    2000        
  Size:                   giant (20’ tall)        
  Attacks:              Stomp / maul / grapple (8d10+4) x 2, see also below.        
  Parry:                 89        
  Armour class      9

Special abilities

Teleport self, Telekinese (800 GP weight), Aura of Darkness (100 m r), Aura of Cold  (120 m r)
Aura of Fear (30 m r), Freezing Blast (10), Freeze Water (10), Summon Plague of Snakes (once per day)
Gate-in / Summon 2d10 Fomorians, Regenerative hide (20 hits per turn, plus see below for tails)


Adathon is Prince of the cold dark desert wastes. He is totally destructive, using his immense strength to
destroy any living thing that dares to enter his realm. He is totally fearless and will risk himself in personal
combat; in fact, he relishes the excitement of battle. On occasion, though, he prefers the spectacle of life
struggling against all manner of adversary in his dark arena. His grey-black skin is covered in plates, scutes
and protuberances, which far exceed iron in toughness. He will transform his left-hand into a formidable
weapon of his choosing, mace, sword, great axe or any other weapon he cares to imagine (damage as for
weapon type + 5d10+8, attack score: 98). His tail splits at its hilt into three dreaded serpents, Xathou,
Delthan and Ibidis, the three Poisoned Queens of Darkness. Each possesses demonic venom, which she can
spit as far as 50 m (attack score: 66, covering an area of five 2 m hexes), or which she can deliver as a
terrible bite (4d10+2, puncture/slash wounds). The venom of Xathou causes flesh rot (2d6 hits per round,
until cured), Delthan’s venom causes a loss of 5d20 alignment points, darkening the soul of those so afflicted,
and the poison of Ibidis causes enfeeblement of the mind (1d10 intelligence loss per round for 2d8 rounds).
The whispering voices of the Poisoned Queens can cause despair and insanity (WP save) when first
experienced. If one of the Queens is severed from Adathon’s body, then she will grow into a hideous
serpentine demon (20 hits per turn, up to a maximum of 400) while the stump of the tail regenerates (20 hits
per turn) into a new serpentine head with its own venomous properties.