The Black Serpent
The Black Serpent is known by many names, but many on the Mystic Earth know him as Manandridaemon. It is
the personification of evil, which takes many forms, corresponding to its seven heads. Its claws can extend into
terrible whips with which to inflict great pain. Its forked-tail can cast forth fire and brimstone. Its gaze and
beguile as can its hypnotic voices.

The Black Serpent represents the progeny of the great Chaos Serpent who opposed Order at the onset of
creation. His primary form is that of a great black or sometimes red serpent, towering 16 feet in height and with
a terrible forked tail and seven heads. The huge scales have a hardness and toughness far exceeding iron
(armour class 14+10).

The mighty forked tail can swoop forth a storm of fireballs up to twice per day. Any target within an area of 1 km
diameter will be hit by 1-10 flaming stones (each causing 2d10 concussion damage plus 1d10 burn wounds;
armour save at –20).

The Serpent can cast an aura of darkness of 1000 m radius, and an aura of fear of 2000 m radius. Any
creature (of less than god status) is instantly subject to terror upon beholding the Serpent in his true form. It
can also gate-in 10d10 gargoyles or 5d10 kelpie, once per day, and gate-in 1d10 Greater Demons (99%
chance of success) and one Demon Lord (90% chance) also once per day.
The Serpent commands the powers of dissolution and darkness. Chief among his commanders are Itzlib, Lord
of the Smouldering Wastes, Doganothanus the Breaker of Spirits, Etssibok who is Lord of the Frozen wastes,
Sempaurus the Dark Flame, Euserytus of the Black Forest, Iss of the Putrid Wastes, Xandor of the Desert of
Ash, Demaniton of the Sulphurous Wastes, Yrsinus of the Pits of Plague, Adathon who is Lord of Desolation,
and Bazdam the Black Star. Each of these lords commands their own army and fortress, such as Bazdam's
Citadel of Lead.

Manandridaemon's first head, Cruciatus, can breath fire. The second head, Iacarus, poisonous gas. The third
head, Odius,  can spew forth lightning-bolts. The fourth head,  Impietus, is he who's scream can be as a sonic
blast, or can cause an earthquake, whichever he desires. The fifth head, Severitus, is he who's breath is an icy
blast, while  Vastatus can spew forth a tidal wave, and Necarus can spit acid missiles, or spew forth an acidic
cloud. Iacurus can also detect lies (99% chance), and use an unholy word once per day. Each head can make
a separate psionic attack (with all attack/defence modes available).

Each head can telekinese 2 tonnes per turn, or teleport 2 tonnes per turn. Each head can also hypnotise,
mesmerise, suggest or beguile (charm) any number of targets in sight (save at –40), once per day.

Cruciatus is a Zelator of Fire Magic, Iacarus a Zelator of Demonic Magic, Odius is also a Zelator of Fire Magic,
Impietus is a Zelator of Air Magic and Earth Magic, Severitus a Zelator of Water Magic and Necromantic Magic,
Vastatus a Zelator of Water and Angelic Magic, and Necarus is a Zelator of Demonic and miscellaneous magic.

The Black Serpent has a flaming cold hide (causes 2d10 fire burns plus 2d10 freeze burns upon touch) and is
immune to all poisons, except demonbane, which has but 10% of its normal potency and is also immune to all
forms of heat or cold and can regenerate 100 hits each turn and has 95% magic resistance.

The Black Serpent can attack with claws, or extend his fingers into whip-like tendrils (attack score 98, range 4
m) or into cutting or crushing weapons (referees discretion). The number of these tendrils that hit is tabulated
below. Hits can cause Hell Rot. This poison takes effect immediately (H10 T10).

                                    % die roll        No. of Hits        % chance of hell rot
                                       01-10                5                             60
                                       11-25                4                             50
                                       26-45                3                             40
                                       46-70                2                             30
                                       71-100              1                             20

In addition each hit causes 2d10 slash damage and 2d10 fire damage and 2d10 freeze damage.

Claws:                                  x2, 99, 8d10+8
Stomp/grapple/maul/bite:    (10d10+10) x2

Parry:        96


Head                See                Hear                Smell/Taste            Nav                ESP

Cruciatus         99                  40                       66                         99                 88
Iacarus            94                  99                       70                         99                 72
Odius               88                  38                       99                         99                 99
Impietus           90                  56                       99                         99                 66
Severitus         76                  72                       59                        100                93
Vastatus          80                  98                       98                         99                 91
Necarus           98                  89                       98                         99                 96

Touch:         34

Strategic Movement           x12 (x50)
Tactical Movement            30/80/120 (300)

Hits                                    3700 (500/head)
Strength                            30 dragons

Each neck is retractable and can extend to 15 feet (5 metres) in length.
The Black Serpent