Buglins are lesser demons and servants of Beelzebub, Lord of The Flies. They resemble giant flies and usually
occur in swarms of between 5 and 20 buglins. They attack with a variety of weapons; small spears and bows
are their favourite weapons (causing 1d6 and 1d4 damage respectively). They are also plaque bearers and
each hit caused by a buglin has a 10% chance of becoming infected with one of the following plaques:

1 Curse: alignment is reduced by 5 points per day for up to 10 days;
2 Curse: charisma is reduced by 5 points per day for up to 10 days;
3 Insanity: WP save or go insane within an hour (effects last until  next sunrise);
4 Transform into a buglin maggot within 1 week;
5 Fever: loose 5 stamina per day for up to 10 days.

Buglin larvae live in the filth of hell, occasionally splitting into two new larvae, until they eventually pupate and
the adult emerges.

Hostility: 100
Morale: 50
Intelligence: level 2
S80 H40 S/T100 N97 night vision 84
SM: flying x 4
Size: 2’ to 3’
Strength: 0.5 men
20 (H 10 T 15 L(x6) 5 W(x2) 3)

As per weapon type (above) 30/60
Ranged attack score 45
Foul stench -15 action modifier
Armour class 2