Draconids are two-headed reptilian creatures
that dwell in dark places of the world. They often
live in caves and emerge at night to feed off the
flesh of the unwary, be they human or beast.
Others feed upon the creatures that dwell in the
caverns of the earth. The usual type
encountered is either black-skinned or
conversely pale, semi-translucent and albino; the
latter apparently originating from deeper caves
beneath the earth's surface. All are
fire-breathing. Darconids have no eyes, though
they are sensitive to light (especially the albino
forms). Instead they are able to perceive heat
sources with great acuity and will seek out
warm-blooded prey. Their bodies resemble tall,
strong humanoids, but their hands end in terrible
claws and two serpentine necks bear
fire-breathing reptilian heads. Their bite is also
venomous. Artefacts and treasures once
belonging to their victims may accumulate in the
lair of a draconid. Draconids are often
encountered in groups of 2-20. The origin of
draconids is unknown, though they possibly
evolved from one of the ancient reptilian races
that once dominated the Earth.
Intelligence         ?
Hostility               Predator (will hunt any prey deemed vulnerable enough)
Morale                55
Perception          See 0/0 Thermal/IR 88 Hear 60 Smell/taste 92 Touch 55 Navigate 89 ESP 10
SM                      x 1
TM                     10, 30 m / turn
Strength             4 men (80 points)
Hits                    80
Hit Locations      93-100 LH (left head) 85-92 RH (right head) 75-84 LA  65-74 RA 31-64 T 16-30 LL 01-15 RL
HP Allocations    45% LH 45% RH 75% T 55% LL 55% LL
Criticals              8 LH 8 RH 8 LA 8 RA 13 T 10 LL 10 RL
Armour Class     3 (hard scales)
Size                    2 m (6') tall at the shoulder
Attacks               Claws x 2 (65, 2d10 + 2), Bite x 2 (65, 1d10 + cardiotoxin: stamina 5 T 3-30)
                   Fire-breath (60 (50 if both used in one round), PB-S 2-5 M 6-10 L 11-15 E 16-20, 2d10 burns)
Defences            Apart from their protective scales, draconids have an unusually high ability to reduce blood
                   loss when wounded (all crits -2 per round until bleeding has stopped) and heat-based
                   attacks cause but half-damage
Parry                  45
MR                      10%