Slime zombie GIMP
Slime Zombie sketch
GIMP - Bringing Monsters to Life!
GIMP is a free software application for manipulating 2D images and is similar to PaintShop Pro.

Download GIMP.

The slime zombies above are my first go at using GIMP - so not exactly professional, but effective
nevertheless. The slime zombies are seen dripping from the ceiling on to the floor, where they are forming
from a pool of slime! The original sketch is shown below (many professional 2D digital artists prefer to begin
with a pencil sketch since drawing on a PC, even with a graphics pad, can make it tricky to get smooth
curves). The sketch has been covered with a gradient slime colour, made lighter near the light source
(perhaps a torch) and the foreground has been cut out from the page and placed over a simple 3D
Pov-Ray generated room graphic.
GIMP allows us to add some interesting textures and graphical effects, including lighting effects and
textures such as the molten lava textures. Watch this space as Bot adds the results of more GIMP
experiments as they unfold.
Greater Fire Demon
A Greater Fire Demon clothed in dark flame emerges from a fiery pit with flaming sword in one
hand and a formulating magic-fireball around the other. Be careful! He may throw his fireball
at you!