Greater Demon

The word 'daimon' or 'daemon' originally referred to
a spirit entity. These spirits were envisaged by
some to control or influence the very forces of
Nature. Naturally some were benevolent, the
eudaemons or agathodaemons or devils, some
were malevolent, the
cacodaemons, and some were
neutral and referred to simply as
Nowadays, the word has almost exclusively an evil
connotation. As spirits demons have been classed
among the angels, and like the angels, they have
been classed as gods.

The ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, states that
all gods are simply the limbs of the single ultimate
divinity, whom they called Ra. (Thus, polytheism
merges into monotheism). According to such a
view, demons are the personifications of or
controllers of essential elemental forces, which
humans describe as evil. According to the mystics,
such 'evil' is necessary for the functioning of the
Cosmos and the ultimate evolution of all that is
good. (Does not the darkness guide as does the
light? For as the light attracts, so the darkness
repels.) In such a scheme, they are merely
performing their created purpose, which is often
hidden from human understanding.

Later traditions tended to consider demons as
rebels against cosmic order, fallen angels, beings
who have chosen to disrupt the natural order of
things out of arrogance or spite for the Creator and
Creation. Some mystics consider the evil Qlippoth
to be cosmic 'accidents' formed from shells of
malformed  energies that collapsed to form 'shells'
that inhabit the darker depths of the Astral Plane.
As spirits, some attribute demons as the personification of psychic forces - elements of the human psyche that seek
to bring evil or misery into the world or to cause chaos and so are pathological. The dark oceans of the unconscious
mind are perceived by many who scry or travel in the spirit vision, as an extension of the Cosmic Astral Plane which
permeates all space and connects the Macrocosmos with the inner microcosmos, binding the sparks of living souls
to their source - a universal sea of collective unconscious. In this world view, the unconscious may contain multiple
entities, each with their own personality and possibly 'consciousness' and which are capable of breaching the walls
of unstable minds in acts of possession. Furthermore, imagined entities take on existence on this Astral Plane, in the
Formative Sub-planes, where all ideas and dreams exist. If these changeable astral forms require a certain stability,
then they may eventually materialise in the physical world, at least psychologically, if not materially. Thus, the gods
can be seen as the astral creations of sentient minds, whose very existence depends upon the belief of their
followers, and as they feed upon this psychic energy, so they grow in strength and independence and in reality.

Many believe that demons are political creations, as the gods of fading religions become the demons (and perhaps
also saints and angels) of the conquering faith. Some are thus able to maintain near godlike status as they are still
widely believed and so nourished with psychic energies, whilst others wane in power as they become forgotten. Still
others transform in order to remain viable. The astral energies are never wasted, for as forms disperse, so the ether
assembles into new forms. Astral energies constantly circulate and reflux, for every noble thought ascends to the
light and every dark thought sinks into the darkness of the astral abyss, descending unto the Qlippoth, accumulating
as the soul-less shells of the departed, whose consciousness has ascended, like the calcined faeces or earthy black
sediment at the bottom of the alchemist's reaction flask.

As elemental forces, demons personify the severe and negative aspects of the elements - their destructive powers
when chaos is unleashed. The demons of chaos, intent on disrupting created order, do nevertheless possess a
certain order, for the mathematical equations that govern chaos are deterministic, however unpredictable they may
be, and so depend upon the very same basic laws that govern order. Among the ancients were philosophers who
attributed every event to a controlling principle or spirit with even the human mind and will frequently a slave to
supernatural powers. This idea permeates the sacred texts of the world's many religions. Science has reduced this
uncertainty, not to supernatural forces, but to natural laws. A projectile may miss its target or ricochet unpredictably,
but it appears not to reach its eventual target by supernatural providence, but by exactly defined and in principle
exactly predictable natural laws. The exception to this are the quantum fluctuations, due to the inevitable
probabilistic nature of physical laws, which is normally apparent only on a microscopic scale, but which may, through
chaos theory cause macroscopic changes. Such uncertainty opens the door to possible supernatural tampering with
the natural order, but always that tampering seems never to violate natural laws, for even the probabilities must
average out according to Nature's laws. It would seem that demons may bend natural laws in ways that nobody can
definitely notice, or that they can occasionally break those laws, but so far science has not witnessed such events.

Demons are associated with the dark side of the four elements and the seven metals, especially fire in its
destructive aspects. Burning sulphur was an agent of purification to the ancient sages, for from it, mixed with
mercury, the noble metals were said to be formed. Whether cleansing, and so serving some unseen and ultimately
benevolent purpose, or whether purely rebellious, destructive and chaotic, this dark fire brings suffering to
humankind! The vapours of mercury are extremely toxic, and yet from these two substances the stone is made.
Thus, many demons represent burning sulphur, or the poisonous mercurious vapours of the Dragon's breath. In this
we see that they are crude and only partially formed compounds of the elements, for did not the Cosmos spring from
a sea of dark chaotic waters? Did not the conscious mind evolve from the dark sea of the unconscious psyche? Are
not the Cosmic laws derived from a microscopic sea of quantum fluctuation and decoherence? In this aspect
demons are partially formed, perhaps malformed, primordial elemental beings, rising from the Dark Seas but never
obtaining stability enough to ascend to the Astral Light. Free to roam this abyss, demons become increasingly
unstable as they ascend toward the life-giving Orbs of Light that float in the upper, calmer and more ordered waters.
Should they materialise, then it would seem that they suffer instability which tends to deconstruct them back into
their primordial form of shifting, shape-changing, polymorphic ether. Many demons are those associated with the
less pure and less noble elements. Far from the gold that was thought to be the flesh of the Olympian gods, they
are comprised of less stable and more toxic elements, which like most elements, frequently bear a metallic
character, often with considerable density and a toxic radiance. The Water of Life does not flow in their veins, for
theirs is a more acidic and corrosive humor.

The sages have divided the demons into hierarchies, headed by different beings according to source, indeed some
describe how the Dark Lords vie for power with one frequently supplanting another as power moves to and fro. The
Greater Demons are the Demon Lords, each ruling a legion of lesser demons and other foul beings. These Greater
Demons are the antithesis of the angels or gods who maintain order.

The Demons are said to inhabit the 'shells' of collapsed dimensions. According to String Theory there are some
eleven dimensions, of which we only have comprehension of the four of space-time. The other dimensions are said
to have contracted, still existing everywhere, but only accessible at very high energies and on the subatomic scale
of matter. However, others point to these dimensions to explain the mysterious psychic processes of consciousness.
Here demons may manifest as dark psychic energies that tend toward chaos. Among them are orders of beings
known as 'The Breakers', 'The Burners' and 'The Ravens of Death'. Perhaps in the darkness of your subconscious,
Greater Demons may have additional defences like: additional armour (scales, shell, crystalline or metallic skin), a
reflective, flaming, sonic, freezing, electrostatic, or poisonous hide; regeneration or stasis, and various magickal

Greater Demons can cast an
Aura of Darkness and Gate in Lesser Demons. They have telekinetic powers and
can perform
pyrotechnics and phototechnics. They have the power to Beguile all those of insufficiently strong will
power. Greater Demons are
polymorphic - they can change shape and assume various forms and have the ability
to turn into gaseous form or to turn into dark spheres or creeping liquids of negative energy. Their polymorphic
abilities mean that they have no critical regions and so they do not sustain critical damage in combat.

Greater Demons can only intervene directly in the Physical realm when summoned through a portal or by entering
through a rift, a rare and naturally occurring breach in the fabric of the ether. As deities, however, they can tamper
with fate, especially when assisting their own devotees and worshippers with magickal aid. When manifesting on
the Physical Plane they will normally be subject to instability. If destroyed on the Physical Plane a Greater Demon
will be forcibly returned to its own domain. In this instance it will take a hundred years for the demon to regain its
full power and status, as a result of the power drain and loss of feudal support. Greater demons possess a variety
of magickal powers specific to their place in the Cosmos, but many will also have expertise in one or more spheres
of magick. The Demon Lords of Gehenna are those Greater Demons with Fire as one of their primary elements.
These may not be harmed by gas, poison (except demonbane), acid, cold or heat, but can be harmed by magickal
cold and heat, black fire causing half damage, and electrical attacks causing half damage. All Greater Demons
possess telepathy and infravision (90), and may cast an aura of darkness (10 m radius), astral travel, assume
gaseous form (geas) and may travel through the Abyss and higher planes (on which they become unstable) and
through the negative subplanes of their own primary elements. Greater Demons may cross these planes at
tremendous speed whilst in gaseous or 'stellar' form.

Greater Demons form the nobility of the Under Planes, commanding armies of Lesser Demons.  Existing under
feudal rule, most Greater Demons are Barons ruling over various dominions of the Under Planes. Constantly vying
for status, the more powerful Greater Demons form the ranks of Dukes and Princes, overlords to Greater Demon
vassals of lesser rank. The Greater Demons may be worshipped as evil and false deities. The barons are lesser
deities, but the most powerful Demon Lords are very powerful deities of negative alignment. Overlord of all demons
is the Old Serpent himself. Formed in the main part of two primary elements these creatures can travel through the
higher planes, opposed only by the deities/angels of positive alignment who ensure that the equilibrium of the
Cosmos is maintained. Being elemental and polymorphic in nature, Greater Demons may assume any form, but
each has a primary form symbolic to its own specific nature and powers.  
The typical attributes of a Demon Lord are as follows:

Alignment                   -90 (lawful or chaotic evil)
Intelligence                exceptional to god-like

See 80  Hear 70  Smell/taste 40 Touch 30  Navigate 100  
ESP (all modes)

SM                             x3, flight x6, geas x50
TM                             50-110+ m/turn (M-F to VF)
                              but note size restrictions

Strength                     20 men
Hits                             500
Size                            L, 10’ tall

Attacks                       maul/stomp/claw/grapple 80(60)
Damage                     3d10 (4d10 x2)
Parry                          60
Armour Class             6

Magic resistance       20-95%
nstability rating        1d100
Psionic Ability           100-350 (all modes)


Lawful evil or chaotic evil. Negativity increases towards the
deepest levels of Hell. The demonic hierarchy is based upon
ruthless repression, and an average alignment would be
around –90.


Greater Demons possess night vision (infravision).  Greater
Demons also possess extrasensory perception (ESP - all

Strategic Movement

Greater Demons can travel by night and day without fatigue
(see however instability) and hence move 3x normal distance
on foot, or 6x by flight, or 50x whilst in gaseous form.

Tactical Movement

In open terrain Demon Lords can move at fast speeds
(double rate by flight), but being large creatures their
movement may be restricted in confined spaces.
Note: this page is in no way intended to offend religious people. The fact is that people worship many false
idols, but this site in no way supports such activities. To succeed in the Quest of Quests you must know
your enemy! Those who take games too seriously should not play. Indeed, if these entities feed upon the
human psyche, as many suggest, then perhaps it is better that you cease to believe in them!
Greater Demon
Picture based on the Demat Ghoulchewer lead miniature
from Citadel.
Greater Demon
Greater Demon
Greater Demon
Dematt Ghoulchewer
Forest Demon
Standing more than 3 metres in height, an
elemental being of dark freezing-hot sulphurous
vapour, assuming a magnificent form with flesh
like shining gold, impervious to normal weapons.
you are not alone! These beings ares aid to feed off negative
emotions, appearing in nightmares, trying always to find a way to
achieve dominion over the four macroscopic dimensions of space
and time.
Dare you visit Atudrexa - the Planet of the Demons?
Demon Lords