Hadal Gulper
“It hung upright in the enveloping darkness of the Abyss. A human-sized figure, its tail suspended without
motion. Its arms were held out to the sides, spindle-like stabilizers terminating in claws with webbed skin
stretched between the digits. The mouth gaped, it was an expanse opening on the sac-like head, which hung
forwards and downwards as if ready to suck-up anything in the creature’s path. There was no neck, rather the
head was continuous  was continuous with the cylinder of its torso. The skin was heavily wrinkled and folded, as
if it was meant for a creature at least twice the size.  The wrinkles on its head continued down the crest on its
back. Far back on the head two eyes, like points of blackness, could now be seen. The two barbels beneath its
gape twitched suddenly, then the head widened in a wave that rippled down from its mouth to the hilt of its tail,
as it gulped in ether. It began to omit light from slit-like fissures which were opening along the length of its tail.
As these glands widened, the light intensified from cyan to a crimson glare. It gulped in ether again but this time
the mouth, head and chest stretched open large enough to swallow any of us. Forcibly the head and neck
shrank, expelling a jet of ether and in a blinding flash of red light, the creature had gone.”
Hadal Gulper
Hits:  20-160

Hit Allocations
(Body part: d100 / % of base hits / criticals as % base hits):
Head: 86-100 / 50% / 20%
Left Arm: 81-85 / 25% / 8%
Right Arm: 76-80 / 25% / 8%
Torso: 21-75 / 60% / 30%
Tail: 1-20 / 60% / 20%

Strength: 0.2 to 4 men
TM:  10, 20, 100-200 (swimming, jetting)
SM:   x 1

Tail: AS 30 Damage 1d10 + (2-20)
Swallow whole (target of almost any size): AS 20
Once swallowed the victim must fight out of the torso. The
stomach has an internal AC of 3 and the victim loses 1 crit /
body part / round whilst in the stomach, due to asphyxiation.

Jetting—escape response;
Luminescence—dazzle for 1d10 +2 rounds, -60 see, -30
action modifier;
Luminescent ink—dazzle all within a 10 metre diameter
cloud, range 10 m for 1d6 rounds, cloud lasts for one hour,
-40 see, -20 action modifier;
Black ink—blinds instead of dazzles and also numbs sense
of smell / taste, -20 action modifier, see -20, smell/taste -40.
Abyss, waiting for potential prey to pass them
by. Their mouths are portals to vast cavernous
stomachs, which are said to be much larger on
the inside than on the outside; be that as it may
the Hadal Gulper can stretch its mouth to
enormous size and swallow creatures much
larger than itself, whole. Rumour also has it that
the bottom of the stomach of a Gulper opens
via a narrow opening into another part of the

The stomach of a Hadal Gulper frequently
stores indigestible artifacts from previous
victims (it will contain 1d6 gemstones, each
worth 1d10 GP and it will contain 1d6 - 3
magical items).