Each heavenly body has a Planetary or Olympian Spirit associated with it. The spirit is both the quardian
and personification of the world whose elemental forces it governs. As such these angelic deities have
elemental powers and characteristics particular to the nature of their world, in addition to the special
abilities listed below. The guardian of a fiery world, for example, will possess more fire magic, whilst that of
a gaseous world will have a more airy or stormy nature. In addition the Olympians are grouped into
pantheons or planetary systems where collectively they are responsible for maintaining the orderly
processes that govern life. As such they are transformative principles - transforming base materials into
more nobler materials, bringing about the evolution of higher forms in accordance with the Will of the One.
However, some rogue worlds may be governed by Olympians with a more chaotic or destructive nature,
but superficial appearances can be deceiving. Since most are associated with the order and creation they
have a positive alignment. Olympians may summon lesser angels associated with those heavenly bodies,
such as moons and rings, that are subservient to their cosmic forces. Most Olympians are subservient to a
Solar Angel.

The stats below represent the primary form in which these spirits will manifest, if at all. As Greater Angels,
they are subject to instability once they materialise on the Prime Material Plane. However, as archetypes
they cannot be truly destroyed, but if their primary form is destroyed then they will become unstable and
disperse to the Astral Planes. They can only directly manifest with the help of magic or through natural rifts
in the Ethereal Plane. However, they invariably prefer the use of covert methods to achieve their purpose
and will not directly force the will of others.

Intelligence: supra-genius
Alignment: +80 (+60 to + 100)
Perception: ESP 77 S 90/90 H 50 T 50 S/T 50 navigate 99
Strategic movement: x 10 (x 50)
Tactical movement: 100 m/turn (F)
Hits: 500
Strength: 20 men
Size: L, 10' tall
Attacks: swipe 4d10 x 2, 60; stomp/grapple/maul (5d10+2) x 2; by weapon type + 15
Parry: 60
Armour Class 5
Psionic ability: 100 (all modes)

Special abilities:
Magic Resistance 60%
Regenerate 5 hits per turn
Polymorph Self
Read Magick
Telekinese: 300 lb weight
Levitate / Fly
Stone Blast (level 10) or Storm Blast (level 10)
Wall of Earth (10 EP) or Firewall (level 10)
Earth Shaker (10 EP) or Acid Storm (10)
Fool's Gold (up to 100 GP worth per day)
Summon 1-10 lesser spirits once per day
Bless (alignment + 10, luck + 20)

Olympians will usually carry one or more magickal items related to their office.