Alignment: -89
Intelligence: god-like
90 S99 H 98 S/T 89 T 60  N 100 ESP (all modes) 97

SM: x4, flight x8, geas x100
TM: 200 m/turn (VF)

Strength: 20 men
Hits: 440
Size: L, 10’6’’

Attacks 80(60)
Damage 3d10 (4d10 x 2)
Parry 60
Armour Class 6

Magic Resistance: 80%
Psionic Ability 316 (all modes)

Flaming Hide: 2d10 + 2
Major spheres: Demonic Fire/Air
Salason ('The Sound of Salvation') is Demon Lord of
Hubris, False Glory and Spiritual Pride and Prince of
Delusion and Deception and steward of the Demonic
Steeds.  His primary role is to beguile with false glory
and so misguide those who seek the truth. He
especially delights in beguiling those who are bloated
with spiritual pride (since they are easy prey). As it is
written: "Raise yourself and you will be lowered." Only
the modest and meek can resist Salason's charms.
His subsidiary role is to provide demonic steeds to the
infernal armies. He is also prime director of the
demonic messengers, whose swift steeds carry the
infernal message around the world and beyond.

Salason's primary magickal spheres are demonic fire
and air (tenth level) and he is the personification of
fire-storms and harsh desert winds. He has the power
to summon 6d10 demonic steeds, or 1d10+1 dust
devils, once per day, and also has the ability to Warp
Time once per day. He also has Fire Breath
equivalent to a dragon of 3rd rank and can Beguile
anyone who hears his voice (WP) or beholds his gaze
(WP-20). Salason can cast a level 10 fireball or
lightning bolt once per turn. He often carries his Staff
of Dispersion. This staff can store 440 EP and gives
Salason the power to  Invoke Uncontrollable Thirst
(WP save), to Whither Crops (causing all plants within
sight to whither, once per day), Raise Skeleton Army,
and to Double Haste of any steed. Salason also has
the power to Summon Illusion, once per day, which will
deceive all sensory modalities, and which can only be
realised as false upon a successful ESP check.
Finally he has the power to summon forth 200 gold
coins worth of rare metals, gems or other mundane
Salason usually appears as a golden giant athletic
human figure with a horse's head. His eyes glow red
like burning embers and he can make his hide flicker
with flame at will. He is magnificent to behold, with his
handsome form and radiant golden skin.