Skeleton Warrior
Back to the Dark Side
Back to the Dark Side
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Skeleton warriors are Undead from the Plane of Hades (Tartarus). They act as mercenaries, under the
command of a Necromancer. Skeleton warriors ultimately serve Pluto, Orcus and other Hadal deities by
gathering more souls to the Underworld. Tartarus is guarded by legions of these warriors commanded by
Skeleton Officers,  Vampires, Liches and the such like. Skeleton warriors can obey commands of no more
than one or two dozen words. Skeleton warriors strike with a variety of weapons, and may wear armour.
Impact and crushing attacks (maces, large swords, etc.) do normal damage to skeletons, but piercing and
small slashing weapons (spears, daggers, bolts and arrows, small swords etc.) do only one-half of normal
damage. Fire causes normal damage, but hits lost are not classed as burn wounds since skeletons feel no
pain. Cold based attacks  cause reduced damage (-10 hits). Sleep, charm and hold spells do not affect
skeletons.  Skeletons suffer no psychological effects and can not be routed and fight until destroyed.
However, they automatically become unstable if ordered to enter holy ground, or ground dedicated to
deities of positive alignment. Skeletons cause fear in all living creatures of large size or smaller, and of
animal intelligence or greater, upon sight (or 30 m radius aura). Skeletons are always accompanied by the
foul stench of death.

Perception        equal to controlling necromancer –10 or
                      see 60    Smell/Taste 0    Hear 40    Touch 40    Navigate 25
SM                   x2 since skeletons never tire
TM                   10/30/50
Size                  M (man-sized)
Strength           60 points
Hits                   40
Hit Locations    Standard humanoid
Criticals           skeletons can only be destroyed when head or torso hits are reduced to zero
Attacks            Unarmed: 20/20 normal damage; by weapon: 20/20; RAS: 20
Defences         Skeletons may wear armour, which may or may not be old and decayed
Drawing of a little lead miniature.
Skeleton Warrior