Back to the Dark Side
Back to the Dark Side
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Solar Angels belong to the order of Malacheem (“Messengers”) and represent the various solar deities and
are the personification of the Sun and the stars. They may assume a variety of appearances. Depicted here
is a Solar Angel in the form of a large fiery humanoid with fiery wings and a face shining like the Sun. The
light that they radiate is of a special nature and will dispel all undead and lesser Hadal spirits and lesser
demons. Greater Demons and Hadal Lords will become unstable within 10 metres of a Solar Angel.

Intelligence: Supra-genius
Alignment: +100
 see  100/100   hear 50   touch 50   smell/taste  50   navigate 99   ESP  80-90
SM:  x 15 (x100)
TM: 200 m / turn
Size: Solar Angels may appear as ten foot giants, or they may assume human size
Strength: 2 dragons
Hits: 600
Armour Class: 6
Size: 16’ tall
 swipe x2, 89, 5d10+10 (+ 2d10 burns); touch causes 2d10 burns; stomp/grapple/maul, (7d10+2)x2
 By weapon type + 25 damage: Solar Angels often carry magickal weapons, such as flaming swords.
Parry: 80

Special abilities
 Fireball (10)
 Blinding Flash (10)
 Firewall (10)
 Heal all wounds and remove all
    curses (affects living creatures
   only, once per day, any
   number of targets within visual range)
 Change alignment (+20 points)
   to all living creatures within
   20 m (save v alignment if
 alignment negative / less than 50 points)
 Summon / create fire elemental
   (10) once per day
 Boost morale (+20 points) to all
   creatures of positive alignment
   within visual range
 Psionic Ability: 200
  Resurrect (once per day)        
 Telekinese 500 lb weight        
 Levitate / fly
 Cancel auras of darkness, fear
   and terror
 Regenerate 20 hits per turn        Grow (10)
 Read Languages
 Read Magick
 Magic Resistance 60-80%