The Vagornae are intelligent plant humanoids. They live in tribes deep in the wild forests. Like humans they
have a variable alignment and their primary concern is the protection of their offspring, who grow as sedentary
plants rooted in the soil. Typically their warriors will be armed with spears and small wooden shields. They have
a vast knowledge of Herb Lore and their weapons are frequently poisoned. Most large tribes will have a
Shaman whose primary sphere will be Plant Lore (level 1-5) and whose secondary sphere will be Elemental,
usually Water, Air or Earth (level 1-3). Vagornae often assist Dryads in protecting the forest. Vagornae can
speak the Dryad tongue and their shaman will also speak Elvan and one or more Elemental tongues (Gnomish,
Undine, Sylphan). Vagornae are not known to use written scripts. Some scholars believe that the Vagornae
were once a very advanced civilization and many speculate as to the cause of their fall. Fire attacks cause
double damage. Vagornae are immune to all plant-derived poisons and cold-based attacks cause only half
normal damage. All Vagornae naturally radiate auras of Charm Plant 10 m radius. All Vagorn shamans will have
the Enhance Growth spell, which will be used to enhance growth of their offspring. In addition to being
photosynthetic, Vagornae can digest dead vegetation to provide them with necessary nutrients.

Alignment: Neutral
Hostility: 50
Morale: 50
Intelligence: Average (Level 6)
Language: Vagorn (Level 4), Dryad
S 65 / 65   S/T 65   H 80   T 60   N 65   ESP (all) 30
SM x 1
TM 0/30/40

Size: M (man-sized)
Strength: 50 (30-70) points (1 man)
Hits: 50 (30-70)
Hit Locations        
standard humanoid:
H (91-100) RA (81-90) LA (71-80) T (31-70) RL (16-30) LL (10-15)
Hit Points
H 45% RA/LA 35% T 75% RL/LL 55%
H 10% (5) RA/LA 10% (5) T 15% (8) RL/LL 12% (
Tendrils AS/PS 30/30 1d10+1 damage, may grapple on a critical hit
By weapon type
By shield type
Camouflage (95)