Wraiths are astral spirits which travel to the Ethereal Plane to feed upon the living, especially the sick and
dying, draining their life-force. When on the Ethereal Plane they are visible on the physical as ghost-like
apparitions, shadows most often resembling funeral robes clad around an otherwise invisible figure,
sometimes with glowing red eyes hanging in faceless darkness. They often carry magical items (ethereal),
particularly orbs of insanity, death or terror, and may carry ethereal weapons that they may use in addition
to their chill-attack when pressed into combat.

Intelligence:      NA
Will Power:        65
Hits:                 100 EP (ethereal, can not be harmed by non-magical physical attacks)

Normally, when feeding a wraith will drain 1d10 stamina per hour from the weakest target in a 10 m radius.
However, if antagonised or controlled against their will, wraiths can also attack as follows:
By weapon-type (ethereal or magical) base AS 40, + chill-attack;
Chill attack x2: the touch of a wraith (AS: 60) causes the loss of 1d6 critical points and requires a save
versus paralysis (paralysis lasts 1d10 rounds if the save fails);
Life-drain: automatic hit against all targets within 10 m - 2d10 STR loss;
Hand of death: the touch of the wraith (AS: 60) causes 3d10 hit points of damage and 3d10 strength loss
and instills terror (save versus paralysis as with a chill attack).

Parry: 60
Immune to psionic attacks; unfooled by illusions;
Immune to fear or terror unless caused by a deity;
Immune to all other psychological affects, magically induced or otherwise;
Unharmed by physical attacks;
Wraiths cast an aura of cold and fear with a 10 m radius.

Wraiths are subject to undead instability and can be banished by any means which induces instability.
The presence of a Magical Glyph of Life, or any equivalent religious symbol will also force a stability check.
Stability checks must also be taken if the wraith enters a religious sanctuary or temple and at sunrise or
when entering direct sunlight.

10% of wraiths encountered will carry an Orb of Lifelessness and a further 10% will carry an ethereal
Blade of Life-Chill, as explained below.

Orb of Lifelessness

This ethereal device will double the range and rate of life-drain caused by the wraith's aura. The orb will
also induce immediate sleep in anyone within range who fails a will power save. If the wraith is destroyed
then the orb will fade back to the ethereal plane within seconds, unless it is contained within an Ethereal
Box of Holding. If the wraith disappears due to instability, then the orb will be taken with it.

Ethereal Blade of Life-Chill

These ethereal swords can pass through matter effortlessly; hence normal armour provides no protection
and an ethereal blade can not be parried or blocked (but can be dodged, so 20 is subtracted from the
target's parry score). A strike from an ethereal blade causes 5d10 strength loss and 5d10 stamina loss
and instills terror (if the target passes a will power save then they will experience fear +10 rather than
terror). If the wraith is destroyed then the ethereal blade will disappear in 1d10 rounds, unless it is
contained in an Ethereal Box of Holding or wielded on the ethereal plane (it will remain visible as long as it
is wielded by ethereal hands).