Xynotremus is a man-sized humanoid and a forgotten deity of a lost world. The skin and flesh are of an
alien nature; crystalline and indestructibly tough. The skin has a fine granular appearance and is a metallic
blue-grey with structural greens and reds. Legend has it that the creature’s hide was tempered in the primordial
flames. The head is almost reptilian in appearance and bears appendages resembling faceless serpents (the
so-called snakelocks). The right arm ends in a red, warty cone that opens to reveal a deadly energy weapon in
the form of a green spiral cone within, which can fire deadly blasts of raw energy.

  Hostility                  60
  Morale                   80
  Intelligence            genius
  Perception             S80 H50 S/T40 T30 N50 ESP 50 NV 70
  SM                         1.5
  TM                         10, 30, 60
  Size                        M (7 feet excluding coronal serpents (snakelocks))
  Strength                 5 men
  Hits                         97
  Hit Locations          Head 100-86   R Arm 85-81   L Arm 76-80   Torso 19-75   R Leg 18-10     L Leg 9-1
  Hit Points               Head 49     R Arm 34    L Arm 34     Torso 74     R Leg 59   L Leg 59
  Criticals                  Head 10    R Arm 10    L Arm 10     Torso 15     R Leg 12   L Leg 12


Given the choice Xynotremus will attack at a distance with his death-ray, but will otherwise prefer to fight in
melee with a magickal weapon of some sort, such as the Sword of Daharus which is a one-handed gladius of
crystal and enchanted with the following: Hypnotic Blade, Stone Breaker and Warp Blade. Xynotremus will
attack as a great swordsman with an attack score of 88 and a parry score of 94. If caught unarmed, then
Xynotremus will use his great strength to grapple an opponent, and if he succeeds in holding his opponent for
one turn then he will gain an automatic hit from his bite and snakelocks. The bite of his beak is poisonous and
the tough beak can cut through metal. The snakelocks are also poisonous. The death-ray emanates from the
flower-like structure that terminates his right arm. The 'petals' open out to reveal the beam-emitting cone

  Grapple                 Attack score 55  Damage 2d10 (C+3) or below
  +Bite                     Damage 1d10 (C+2) + poison (paralysin) S8 T10
  +Snakelocks        1d6 hits x damage: 1 (C-3) + poison (paralysin) S1 T12 per hit
  Death-ray              Attack score 90 damage 10d10 (C+5 burns)
                              PB 0-5   S 6-20   M 21-50   L 51-100   E 101-200

  Defences               Parry score: 55 unarmed, 94 with short-swords

  Armour class        12:  1-10 (-12), 11-30 (-11), 31-55 (-10), 56-80 (-9), 81-100 (-8)

Special Abilities:

Hypnosis (followed by Xynotremus' bite will induce life-drain: S10/turn)
Summon boil bubbles (100 hits worth (no. 1-10) if there is an appropriate source nearby)
Summon earth elemental once per day
Regeneration: 5/turn (10/turn with life-drain)
Immune to heat
Magic resistance: 40, immune to fire-based magick; unaffected by fear, evil-eye; can see with normal night
vision (70) in auras of darkness.
Cause earthquake: twice per day.

Xynotremus was once the sovereign (even the ruling deity) of a great underworld kingdom many aeons ago
and one of the gods of the Underworld in the ancient Saurion (lizardmen) pantheon when the Saurions were at
the height of their power. However, even Saurion legends say that Xynotremus existed on Midgard even long
before they themselves. It is said that he was born directly from the primordial substance. It is said that his
ancient powers were once far greater then they are today (formidable as they are!). Though no longer
possessed by ambitions of conquest, Xynotremus still surrounds himself with those who serve him. Bored from
millenia of existence, Xynotremus will go through enormous lengths to entertain himself, often creating
elaborate dungeons and mazes adorned with treasures and traps and inviting those seeking wealth, fame or
adventure to pit themselves against his wit. This is a far cry from the days when great lizardmen kings and
queens payed regular homage to Xynotremus at his many temples. Xynotremus appears to be the last active
member of this ancient pantheon, though the religious ways of the scattered tribes of remaining lizardmen are
largely unknown. Though his might is much diminished, Xynotremus has maintained his immortality, the secret
of which is a closely guarded secret. Whenever his physical form is destroyed, it soon re-manifests itself. (Some
have rumoured that his power lies in a special crystal, perhaps hidden in the deep caverns beneath Midgard, or
perhaps within his own crsytalline form, while some say that he possesses the Philosopher's Stone itself).
Though not overtly evil, his ways are mysterious, and his apparent desire for regular entertainment can make
his company both very dangerous and very rewarding.

Xynotremus' lair lies in the most beautiful crystal caverns that lie deep beneath the earth. He has a multitude of
magickal artifacts at his disposal, and great wealth. Amongst his favourite toys are the Cornucopia of Diocetes
which can summon forth banquets and fool's gold with a simple blow, and the Opal of Mordax which reveals to
each the gulf between their desires and their needs.