Arcturan Worker
The Arcturans fell to the Mystic Earth in a falling
star. This fallen star landed on the edge of Ishtar's
Crater Lake and carried a single Queen and a host
of drones who quickly excavated a nest. From the
moment they swarmed from the pit formed by the
falling star they brought pain and violence to the
civilised peoples of Midgarth. Though not inherently
evil, it is their nature to fight all those who oppose
their spread and they have been a threat to
civilisation ever since their near-apocalyptic arrival.

In time, other queens were produced to establish
more nests. The nests and their ensuing armies
largely brought about the collapse of the New
Roman Empire. Although most of the Queens are
thought to have been destroyed, Arcturans still pose
a threat, making it difficult for civilisation to
recolonise the abandoned cities.

Each Queen is a luminous icosahedron, about 2
metres in diameter, a kind of living brain which
commands and controls the nest. The King is a
specialised drone who tends to the Queen.
Arcturans do not breed by normal means, but are
instead assembled with various body morphs
according to need.

Arcturan drones resemble mechanical insectoids in
basic form, though they rapidly evolve: nests that
have been attacked have even produced new
drones equipped to match their attackers in the
course of a single battle. The king has six limbs.
Each drone has only four limbs, the second pair
being rudimentary conical organs which receive
instructions from the Queen. A series of officers can
also relay instructions from the King or Queen
directly to drones. The skin of the drones is usually
crystalline in appearance.

A typical worker, shown left, is about five feet in
height and has a variety of appendage types. The
one here has a pincer for its right hand and a more
dextrous hand with three flexible digits and four
protrusible spinnerets capable of shooting threads
of sticky material which rapidly hardens into a kind of
extremely tough silk. The bodies' of the workers are
somewhat translucent and white or pale red in
colour. From what can be discerned of their internal
organs are completely alien in nature.

Although workers will fight to defend the nest,
soldiers are the main combatants. Typically 6 feet
tall, the soldiers will carry and use various weapons
or even have their arms modified into weapons of
various kinds. The weapon arms can be exchanged
for a variety of killing implements. Size varies
according to need: royal soldiers, which guard the
Queen's chamber are usually 7 to 8 feet in height
and armed to fight in the confined spaces of nest
tunnels. Troll-like forms with giant shovel-like heads
have been reported and these will completely block
a tunnel with their heavily armoured heads which
may be equipped with slicing or stabbing jaws and
spinnerets. Soldiers are typically reddish in
colouration, though variously camouflaged forms
have been reported.

Other forms have occasionally been seen, including
centaur-like forms, with the upper torso of a typical
Arcturan connected to a centipede-like body with
many segments and legs. The function of this caste
type is unknown, but perhaps they excavate and
maintain nest tunnels.

Legend has it that the original Progenitor Queen
was cast down from the heavens with some of her
memories damaged or deleted, including the
memory of her own origin. It is thought that her
knowledge and powers were formerly considerably
greater, but fortunately they were somewhat
reduced to more mortal standards during the fall. It
is possible that the Arcturans came from another orb
on the Astral Plane.

Arcturans are immune to psychological effects (but
are subject to illusions). They are devoid of emotion
and are totally dedicated to the survival and spread
of their species. Dwelling in th enormous
subterranean nests that they excavate, they
periodically dispatch armies to capture terrain or
eliminate neighbouring threats or competition for
resources. Drones are manufactured from raw
materials in subterranean construction factories.
Only the Queen can order construction of another
Queen, and will do so when the colony swells to a
certain size.

Alignment: NA, Morale: 100, intelligence: very,
Technology: a mixture of their former level (13) and
their current level (11), Language: level 6,
Perception (S 90, H 90, S/T 90, T 40, N 90), TM:
10/40/70, SM: x4 (Arcturans do not feel the pain of
fatigue), Size: M (human-sized)

Worker (Hits: 100, AC (head/torso 6, arms/legs 5),
strength: 100 points (5 men), hit locations: typical
humanoid - H (91-100) RA (81-90) LA (71-80) T
(31-70) RL (16-30) LL (01-15), hit points: H 45%
RA/LA 35% T 75% RL/LL 55%, criticals: H 10 RA/LL
10, T 15, RL/LL 12

Attacks - unarmed (AS/PS 60/60 +1d4 damage),
pincer (AS/PS 60/60 2d10+5 damage), by
weapon/shield type, web (a sticky net that can be
fired up to 20 m with RAS 60)

Soldier (Hits: 110, AC: 6+5, strength: 110 points,
AS/PS + 15, damage + 10).

Royal Soldier (Hits: 120, AC: 6+10, strength: 120
points (10 men), AS + 10, damage + 15).

Arcturans pose a threat to any adventurer looking
for treasure in the old abandoned cities and the vast
wilderness around them. However, they can be
reasoned with and will trade if offered something of
use to them. Indeed, they have been relatively
quiescent over the past few decades,occasionally
skirmishing with settlers but fighting no major military
campaign since the Battle of Tethis.
Article created: 11/1/17