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This site is updated regularly, so check back often, the most major updates are listed below:

Selected recent updates:

Mar 2012:
Special Relativity (pdf) and String Theory! Mar 2012: General Relativity
Apr 2012: Black Holes
Sept 2012: Programming a computer to estimate pi!
Oct 2012: Finding
perfect numbers, Mersenne Primes and the Sieve of Eratosthenes in Java
Oct 2012: The
insect section is finally being expanded, and updated (long overdue!).
Nov/Dec 2012:
Binary stars and accretion discs updated!
Dec 2012: Using the interactive features of the Html 5 canvas and JavaScript: plotting
spectra, ballistics.
Jan 2013: Extensive updates to
fungi in progress - including lichens and yeast.
Mar 2013:
Bacterial power systems.
April 2013:
Assembly language and machine-code programming!
July 2013:
Fungi and plasmodial slime moulds updated!
Aug 2013:
Mycoplasmas - the simplest cells?
Aug 2013:
Motility in bacteria updated; introduction to bacteria updated.
Mar 2014:
Orchids and Asteraceae
Aug 2014: Gastropod molluscs
Aug 2014:
Lamiaceae (deadnettle family)
Sept 2014:
A tail in biomimetics!
Sept 2014:
How bacteria sense their environment - updated.
Dec 2014:
Loriciferans and bivalves
Jan 2015: 23 alien systems are now scripted for the Plutonium mission
Apr 2015:
Ebolavirus and robot brains
July 2015: Pluto
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