Welcome to Bio-Tech and Life on Earth!
Click the image above to learn all about cells, beginning with animal cells, such as those that you are made of!
Learn all about multicellularity - how cells build tissues, organs and bodies, beginning with animal bodies
such as yours!
Click the grex to learn all about creatures whose bodies are made of slime!
Learn how animal bodies, like yours and the beasty above, are put together!
Insect biology - learn all about the sophisticated and alien world of insects!

Algae - protoplants, building bodies

Rotifers (Wheel Animalicules)

Crinoids (Sea Lilies)

Nematodes (Round Worms)

Holothuroids (Sea Cucumbers)

Flatworms 1 - tapeworms

Millipedes (diplopods)

Sea Angels & Sea Butterflies

Olm link
The Olm



Archives - additional BioTech materials that supplement the main exhibits.