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Bot is programmed with the following academic and professional skills packages:

  • Bot has degrees in science (biological sciences;  mathematics and physics) and considerable research experience, with publications in peer-reviewed articles spanning a wide range of topics, chiefly neuroscience, biophysics (transport processes), cell signalling, microbial pathogenesis and botany. As an undergraduate Bot won four scholarships for his academic achievements.

  • Bot is a fully functional computer programmer, assisted by his positronic brain (the Proton
    5000 with a Bottomium 400 co-processor) Bot is able to code in a number of languages, but
    prefers Java as he finds it the most aesthetically pleasing computer language.

  • Bot is self-employed and currently lectures for private institutions in mathematics and physics, but formerly ran successful undergraduate modules in neuroscience, cell signaling, microbial pathogenesis and modules on the applications of physics, maths and computer programming in the biosciences. Bot's main specialization is the computer-based modeling of biological systems, such as neural circuits and cell signaling systems. Other key interests include Astrophysics, Quantum Physics and Botany. Bot enjoys teaching and research but has moved away from academia, but still teaches at private institutions on a part-time basis.

  • Bot is a member of the BSBI an organization that embraces botanists at all levels of expertise, both amateur and professional. Bot turned down opportunities to join certain other science professional institutions and societies because he found their attitudes too snobby. He is considering joining the Institute of Physics as this seems less snobby than most - Bot believes that science should be open and inclusive and he has little time for societies and institutions that strive to be elitist.

Having grown somewhat frustrated by the increasing 'commercial take-over' of science (and all the politics bundled with it) and all the other issues with Academia (honest academics can fill in a list here) Bot now spends much of his time carrying out his functions as curator for Cronodon.com (which means operating on a very minimal budget!). In particular, he is responsible for that section which interfaces with the WWW on earth, via the GWW (Galaxy-Wide-Web). The planet Cronodon is renown throughout the known Cosmos as an excellent center of academic learning, spanning all the natural sciences. Cronodon values science for science sake. It also values compassionate science, and seeks always to acquire the wisdom necessary to wield increasing knowledge justly, through a study of philosophy and the arts. The reason of science must always be balanced with the wisdom of compassion. Knowledge can bring power, recent history is full of such examples, and the more power a being wields, the more they must have compassion to wield that power wisely.

FAQ - Why did Bot leave academic research?

Bot was in full-time research for ten years and continued part-time for several years thereafter whilst teaching and turned down opportunities to continue full-time research at some of the best universities. Quite simply Bot got frustrated at the way research is financed and the increasing pressure on scientists to 'justify their research' which usually means, 'explain why this will make me and my pals rich and we will fund it'. Another example: Bot published a number of papers on the importance of fluid mechanics in disease processes and one of these papers Bot could not even see in print. Why? Because the journal would not supply a copy to the authors without the authors paying a hefty price and the journal was so expensive that the university library never even subscribed to it. Imagine publishing a scientific paper and not even being able to access it! Add to this a large number of useful papers published by others I would have liked to have read on my own subject but likewise could not access. Were they seriously expecting me to do front-line biomedical research without access to half the literature? Add to this the usual stresses encountered by young academics such as relying on fickle grants to pay the bills. Matters such as these made Bot disillusioned with academic research, so he left. Bot considers that plutocracy ruined his experience of academic research.

Nevertheless, science continues to strive forwards, even if it can not fire on all cylinders. Bot still makes a contribution and continues to lecture part-time on a self-employed basis, which Bot enjoys. Bot also carries out a small amount of self-funded research and maintains an affiliation with an academic establishment to facilitate publishing some of this research, preferably in free open access journals where possible. (No matter what people say, trying to get papers past editors and onto the peer-review process is much harder for independent researchers without an academic institution as an affiliation or without an academic email address). My advice to independent researchers is to network whenever the chance arises (something I never did enough of) since, sadly, who you know really can go much further than what you know. Nevertheless, do not be deterred.

Cronodon Mission Statement

Cronodon is a world in which the arts, sciences, the quest for truth, and learning have the utmost priority. The planet is governed primarily by academics who are appointed on merit alone and not on political affiliations. It is a world which strives always to achieve the optimum balance between compassion and reason and to seek always for the truth. The planet is kept, as far as possible, in a restored natural state for aesthetic tourism as well as for serious artistic and scientific enquiry. It is a world so advanced and equitable, that you humans can scarcely even imagine such a place.

You may call yourselves Homo sapiens (even though your species has a saying that it is foolish to consider oneself wise!) but your species is primitive in the grand scheme of things. However, the Erfavlins have given Bot a shoestring budget to set-up a website designed to help expand the horizons of your species, because one thing you do have is potential. Sadly, your species is showing signs of socio-cultural developmental degeneracy. You are entering a new Dark Age where only knowledge that makes someone 'rich' (according to a poor definition of the word) is deemed of value by many of your species. However, if you only knew more of the wonders that are all around you, but which most of you fail to see, then you might recognize the wisdom of Nature and be able to learn much from its instruction. It is our aim, therefore, to expand your mind beyond your tiny and ephemeral sphere to other worlds, strange, beautiful and alien worlds; worlds that are all around you, within you and far away across the unimaginable immensities of space and time. At the very least we hope that you will experience some joy or amazement at the Real World (which is not the artificial construct that your species likes to call the 'real world' in classic narrow-minded and egocentric fashion). You may even become enlightened with a much deeper understanding of the nature of things, which can lead to a veritable cornucopia. We do this because we still believe, many would say foolishly, in the potential of your species.

It is our hope that visitors to www.cronodon.com will be inspired to pursue scientific knowledge, tempered by the wisdom of philosophy and inspired by art, for its own sake. The quest for knowledge and understanding, the quest for wisdom, is the greatest in all the Cosmos. Partake in this Quest of Quests, and see the far greater splendor of the real world. See the Cosmos as we see it, and be in awe for the rest of your days. It is our aim to give you but a glimpse of the greatest of all riches and the most resplendent of all treasures, the Natural Cosmos.

Open Access to Science

At cronodon.com we believe that the public has a fundamental right to access scientific research in full. Many universities used to allow members of the public access to their libraries. However, due to apparent financial costs associated with public access, many have now closed their doors to the public, or charge fees for access. Although the internet has opened access to many journals, many are still behind closed doors and accessed only by a proportion of the academic community particularly those whose access is now paid for by grant-awarding bodies. Personally I think this elite and esoteric approach damages public trust in science.  At cronodon.com we process selected topics by accessing as much of the academic research as we legitimately can and then present the data in a processed format that respects copyright laws whilst giving the interested reader access to relevant technical details. We do not shy away from including technical detail where it is deemed of interest.

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