Bot is an experienced Bot and all silly humans with nasty comments will be ignored, but constructive
criticism, whether positive or negative, is greatly welcomed, as are suggestions for further work. Bot
does sensible requests!

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Bot is programmed with the following academic and professional skills packages:

  • Bot lectures in a variety of topics, but principally biophysics, computational modeling of biological systems and bio-cybernetics.

  • Bot is a fully functional computer programmer, assisted by his positronic brain (the Proton
    5000 with a Bottomium 400 co-processor) Bot is able to code in a number of languages, but
    prefers Java.

  • Bot also carries out research in bio-cybernetics and, as a hobby, aspects of botany.
Having grown somewhat frustrated by the increasing 'commercial take-over' of science (and all the
politics bundled with it) Bot now spends much of his time carrying out his functions as curator for (which means operating on a very minimal budget!). In particular, he is responsible
for that section which interfaces with the WWW on earth, via the GWW (Galaxy-Wide-Web). The
planet Cronodon is renown throughout the known Cosmos as an excellent centre of academic
learning, spanning all the natural sciences. Cronodon values science for science sake. It also
values compassionate science, and seeks always to acquire the wisdom necessary to wield
increasing knowledge justly, through a study of philosophy and the arts.

Bot's CV
Cronodon Mission Statement

Cronodon is a world in which the arts, sciences, the quest for truth, and learning have the utmost
priority. The planet is governed primarily by academics who are appointed on merit alone and not
on political affiliations. It is a world which strives always to achieve the optimum balance between
compassion and reason and to seek always for the truth. The planet is kept, as far as possible, in a
restored natural state for aesthetic tourism as well as for serious artistic and scientific enquiry. It is
a world so advanced and equitable, that you humans can scarcely even imagine such a place.

You may call yourselves Homo sapiens (even though your species has a saying that it is foolish to
consider oneself wise!) but your species is primitive in the grand scheme of things. However, the
Erfavlins have given Bot a shoestring budget to set-up a website designed to help expand the
horizons of your species, because one thing you do have is potential. Sadly, your species is
showing signs of socio-cultural developmental degeneracy. You are entering a new Dark Age
where only knowledge that makes someone 'rich' (according to a poor definition of the word) is
deemed of value by many of your species. However, if you only knew more of the wonders that are
all around you, but which most of you fail to see, then you might recognise the wisdom of Nature
and be able to learn much from its instruction. It is our aim, therefore, to expand your mind beyond
your tiny and ephemeral sphere to other worlds, strange, beautiful and alien worlds; worlds that are
all around you, within you and far away across the unimaginable immensities of space and time. At
the very least we hope that you will experience some joy or amazement at the Real World (which is
not the artificial construct that your species likes to call the 'real world' in classic narrow-minded and
egocentric fashion). You may even become enlightened with a much deeper understanding of the
nature of things, which can lead to a veritable cornucopia. We do this because we still believe,
many would say foolishly, in the potential of your species.

It is our hope that visitors to will be inspired to pursue scientific knowledge,
tempered by the wisdom of philosophy and inspired by art, for its own sake. The quest for
knowledge and understanding, the quest for wisdom, is the greatest in all the Cosmos. Partake in
this Quest of Quests, and see the far greater splendour of the real world. See the Cosmos as we
see it, and be in awe for the rest of your days. It is our aim to give you but a glimpse of the greatest
of all riches and the most splendent of all treasures, the Natural Cosmos.

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CV last updated: 21 Feb 2018