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We welcome scientific debate on We also value constructive feedback, so if
you have a suggestion, criticism or have spotted a potential error or inaccuracy on, then please contact us. We endeavour to replay to all emails (unless they
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Our replies to noted criticisms and general queries:

Although receives almost exclusively positive praise, from professional scientists
and hobbyists alike, we do occasionally receive a criticism. If the criticism is fair, such as adding
new light to a subject or correcting a scientific error, then we act to update our articles
accordingly. Again such occurrences are rare. However, some criticisms are more subjective, and
we fell that, in order to counter mis-information, that we ought to reply to these criticisms, and we
have done so below.

  • Cronodon has been criticised for including a link to Alchemy.

Our response: So what? First of all Alchemy is not about turning metals into gold, something
which is quite impossible by ordinary chemical means; although some alchemists naturally
attempted this, others were adamant that it could not be done and was in any case not ethical to
do so. Alchemy was a fusion of philosophy, art, mysticism and science that laid the foundations for
science. Sometimes it was referred to as simply chemistry. It is of interest from an historical
perspective. Some of Isaac Newton's experiments were indeed alchemical in nature, for he was
also somewhat mystical by modern scientific standards, as was natural for early researchers in his
day. Some alchemists were good practical researchers, developing useful chemical apparatus
and techniques, some of which led to useful discoveries. Other alchemists were more mystical,
preferring to think of historical and religious texts as referring to a kind of spiritual alchemical. One
need not be religious to appreciate the vast outpouring of fabulous art, in the form of paintings
and writings, that alchemy produced. Not all alchemists were religious, many were spiritual in ways
that would be considered 'New Age' today in having a mystical, philosophic or syncretic approach.
Most took religious writings as poetical allegories, either of chemical or psychological processes.
In short, Alchemy embodies early science/philosophy and had few core defining themes. Alchemy
laid the foundations both of modern science and also much of modern religion and many esoteric
secret societies.

The alchemy site that we link to is an academic resource for those interested in Alchemy for
whatever reason, it attaches no interpretation, but simply appreciates this ancient and often very
beautiful historic literature, as do we.

  • Cronodon has been criticised for supporting the scientific Theory of Evolution.

Our response: evolution is 'not just a theory', rather it is a scientific theory, which is altogether a
very different kettle of fish. We consider it a fact that evolution has occurred and still occurs,
though we also acknowledge that not all the mechanisms for these changes have yet been

Cronodon is not political, nor is it atheist, in fact its approach is neutral. We consider only two
things on this site: scientific facts and artistic appreciation (including an appreciation for the
mystical or philosophic arts). does not take sides in political or religious debate.
We have no desire to offend our readers and hope that readers spanning a wide spectrum of
beliefs will find something of value here. However, 'Nobody has the right not to be offended.'
Cronodon asserts nothing that is atheist, anymore than it asserts religion.

  • Is Cronodon a reliable source of information? Does Cronodon distort the truth?

Not so much a criticism, but a couple of people have queried whether or not the information on can be trusted. Our primary goal at Cronodon is to seek truth, both scientific
and philosophic, and then to share as much of that truth as seems appropriate to the subject
matter. Often, however, truth really is stranger than fiction and although we try to never
exaggerate, we do not hold back on stating remarkable facts. Where we are aware of a significant
split in scientific opinion then we attempt to state both sides of the debate. When we are giving an
informed opinion, then it is declared as such. Where we engage in artistic license, philosophy or
anything else that is created by artistry, subjective or unproven, then we keep this information
strictly separate from scientific articles. We maintain a boundary between established scientific
fact and speculation. We are also increasingly adding 'suggested reading' or bibliographies so
that the curious can cross-reference. However, we do not simply regurgitate facts, as scientific
'experts' we often add our own research findings and draw our own conclusions, but we always try
to make it clear which research results and notions are our own. Much of our own novel science
research has already been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. We are scientific
professionals of the highest order of qualification and experience. Your curator, Bot, has an
outstanding academic track record in science (which others have said is second to none, but Bot
is more modest!). The information we provide has been used by professional biologists and
physicists around the world. We rely on visitors to our site to act as peer-reviewers. Thus, if you
do spot a mistake, or think you may have, or you find something that is not as well explained as it
could be, or if you have relevant information to contribute to an article then please contact www. and we will review your suggestions. In the end we can not please everyone, as
there are many who prefer to deny the reality of science.

Last updated: 13/12/12