Below are some pictures of mythical beasts that
I either created, or redrew from sources cited.
Click each image's label for more information.
Below are some pictures that I drew of some Citadel Miniatures (not sure who made the wraith and ghost figures, possibly Citadel?) that I
collected and painted years ago. Click the
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GIMP - colouring sketches on a PC
Shell Demons dwell in the 'Kingdom of Shells' or those collapsed higher dimensions which are normally
only accessible when a source of energy resonates at the right frequency with sufficient intensity to
create a trans-dimensional portal.
Mould walkers come in a variety of forms and
colourations, but all have one singular
purpose: to disperse their spores which
germinate into flesh devouring fungal
mycelia, to complete their life-cycle!
The Ssentis is a semi-intelligent
organism consisting of an unstable
colony of predatory and toxic
worms which can assemble into a
variety of forms, such as this loose
imitation of a human figure!
Orbiscians drift in the Abyss and are
colonies of discoid individuals which
can assemble and dissociate at will.
Try to strike at one and you might find
it rapidly parting itself such that your
blade or spear passes harmlessly
through empty space!
Little is know of these curious beings
except that they are seldom seen as
they dwell in mist-covered swamps
and marshes and in regions
smothered with toxic volcanic gases.
The translucent bodies of these
synthetic and self-replicating
insectoids reveal inner workings
suggesting a mechanical nature.
They rapidly evolve new forms
according to need.
Drifting through the Abyss, Hadal Gulpers
can extend their bodies to follow things
much larger than themselves. Indeed, it is
said that their mouths lead into an almost
bottomless void in another dimesnion!
Little is known about these mysterious, intelligent beings,
accept that they build cities in the great caverns of the
Underworld, such as beneath the ocean depths, from
where they frequently explore the Great Abyss.
These shape-shifting tentacled beings have a
natural form consisting of an armoured ovoid
body moving by means of writhing tentacles.
They have the ability to transform other beings
into their own likeness by injecting their own
parasitic DNA!
Xynotremus dwells in deep
caverns whose stones his skin
resembles. He has acquired
something of a cult following,
perhaps due to his power to
constantly renew his form,
possibly making him immortal.
The plant-like Vagornae dwell deep
within the Wild Woods, such as
those that conceal the ancient
collapsed kingdoms. They form
small communities with a level of
wood-based technology.
The Hadal depths are scavenged
by giant single-celled slimes, like
this Abyssal Glop. Warning: if you
venture too close you might get
Dragons are said to be remnants of a once great race
which was capable of building entire planets and
governing them through their ability to manipulate
matter according to their will.
The Spirits of the Stars or beings from
another dimension? These solar beings
radiate a dazzling light. Like the Stars they
shine light in a variety of colours.
Ancients whose heads mysteriously
resemble planets! It is thought that
each controls a world as if it was their
own intelligence.
A type of lesser demon, the Buglins have
been known to swarm from pits. Each
resembles a human-sized insectoid. They
seem intent upon causing destruction
and havoc, or else obey the will of a
greater master.
The Black Serpent embodies
all that intelligent beings
consider to be evil! Capable
of morphing his body into a
variety of forms, this Titan
appears to be Darkness itself!
Dwelling in caverns beneath the
waves, the graceful Coelenterates
seldom come ashore. Their tentacles
pack a deadly sting!
Adathon is home to a cold stony desert
world and can be found in any similar
environment. This giant thrives on
desolation and takes sport in
combating any who disturb him, in his
deadly arena!
The shape-shifting Salason's preferred form
is that of a golden man with a horse's head!
His skin flickers with black flames and is
dangerously flaming-cold to the touch!
Otherwise he transforms himself into a
fast-moving cloud of black sulphurous
vapours, discharging thunder bolts at will!
With bodies consisting of
shape-shifting slime, these
organisms can extrude tentacles
as needed, each capable of
delivering a powerful electric
Living in deep, dark caves the
Draconids are blind and have
pale skin, but are armed with
terrifying claws and have the
ability to breath fire!
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