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Dragon. The Dragons were possibly the first inhabitants of the Mystic Earth. Whether they stumbled upon this world during timeless wanderings across the Astral Planes or whether they originated there is not known. They are extremely long-lived, persisting for thousands of years, and have always been few in number upon the Mystic Earth. They have extraordinary powers which they draw directly from elemental forces such as the metallic elements gold, silver, copper, antimony, iron, mercury and lead. They vary in temperament and purpose. Some resent the newer arrivals to the Mystic earth, longing for a return to the old days when it belonged to the Dragons and their kin. Others protect some of the ancient wonders and mysteries, including portals and the most marvelous mystical artifacts.

Energy drainers feed on raw electromagnetic energy which they can attract towards themselves to absorb the power! They have five eyes, four of which are mounted on telescopic stalks! Their six tentacled arms can absorb energy or transmit it as a beam of intense light or electrical energy in self-defense. Their origin is unknown.


A Lizardman (drawn from an old lead miniature). The Lizardmen are a genetically diverse coalition of ancient reptilian races. A once great civilization now decayed into barbarity and dispossessed of a world that was once theirs, the lizardmen dwell in deep subterranean places. They sometimes emerge to conduct raids on the newer warm-blooded races which now occupy the surface and which the Lizardmen envy. This one appears to be a distant relative of the Crocodylamorphs and is armed with a stone axe and flint dagger.


Plant Thing. The depths of the Mystic Forests have many peculiar species, including many that are half-way between plant and animal. Armed with stinging spines and protected by woody tubercles fragments of this creature may eventually regrow into a new whole.

Fire Salamander. Legends tell of fiery elemental beings.

These aliens were found adrift in an arc in space, but in a dormant state. repairs were made to the automated arc which then continued its mission of finding a new suitable home for its inhabitants.


Surothdrasil is an ancient being from an even more ancient race. Legend has it that Surothdrasil arrived on the Mystic Earth in a large luminous egg which had drifted through the vastness of space for countless ages. Seeking out a world with a deep ocean, Surothdrasil dwelt in the deep Abyss of the Mystic Earth many millennia ago, and some stay that he remains dormant to this day, awaiting a time of awakening. Others say he eventually grew weary of eternity and allowed himself to be resorbed by the Cosmic Matrix. He grew to immense proportions, producing new heads by means of a branching stolon.


The demon below is sketched from a lead miniature (Manufactured by Grenardier, 1984). I painted the original miniature in beautiful and otherworldly metallic blues and purples. This demon is clearly a relative or version of the AD&D portrayal of Demogorgon. The name 'Demogorgon' is thought by some to be a 4th century corruption of 'Demiurge': the hypothetical Creator of the Cosmos, or Supreme Architect. To some the Creator or Demiurge is the supreme divinity, to others (such as the Gnostics) a lesser being, sometimes viewed as with evil intent, or ignorant to higher powers and so considering itself the original and Supreme Being. Many considered the entrapment of sparks of the Divine Spirit (as the consciousness of living beings) to have been an accident or a malevolent intent, creation having gone wrong. Over time, Demogorgon thus became to be seen as master of the material and animal worlds and thus an enemy of the Divine and of the human spirit. In AD&D he is depicted as one of the chief Princes of Darkness, with two baboon heads, tentacle arms and a forked tail. The artist of this figurine gave each of the baboon heads a crest-like horn, added an extra pair of tentacles, gave each head two pairs of eyes and dispensed with the fork in the tail.


The Dryadi de Aidan are curious people, descended from plants, these meter-tall humanoid plant-like beings have bred many kinds of plants to provide for their daily needs. These plants provide them with a source of nectar, with pods in which they incubate their seeds and pods into which the old males eventually retire to pupate into females.

Dryad of Eden

Above: male form; below: female form.

Dryad of Eden

Mould Walkers are usually slow moving fungal humanoids that walk silently past villages at night, spreading their infectious spores, but some faster moving forms have evolved that can run silently through, scattering their spores far and wide.

Mould Runner