Green Dragon
In Search of the Green Dragon
Above: The Dragon's lair.

The following is an extract from George Ripley's Scroll, early sixteenth century:
On the ground there is a hill
Also a serpent within a well
His tail is long with wings wide
All ready to fly on every side
Repair the well round about
That the serpent pass not out
For if that he be from there gone
You lose the virtue of the stone

What is the ground thou may know here
And also the well that is so clear
And also the serpent with his tail
Or else the work shall little avail?

The well must burn in Water clear
Take good heed for this thy Fire
The Fire with Water burnt shall be
And Water with Fire wash shall he
Then Earth on Fire shall he put
And Water with Air shall be knit

Thus ye shall go to putrefaction
And bring the serpent to reduction

First he shall be black as any crow
And down in his den shall lie full low
Swollen as a toad that lies on the ground
Bursting with bladders fitting so round
They shall break and lie full plain
And this with craft the serpent is slain

He shall show colours there many a one
And turn as white as is bone
With the water that he was in
Wash him clean from his sin
And let him drink a little and light
And that shall make him fair and white
The which whiteness is ever abiding

Lo! Here is the very full finishing
Of the White Stone and the Red
Lo! Here is the true deed.
Look into the mirror, what can you see?
Some speak of the Green Lion, others of the Green Dragon. Don't you think that something
more than copper metal might be involved?
Can you see the Green Dragon yet? Let's look deeper ...
An image seems to be forming on the wall ...
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