Bot recommends Adam McLean's Alchemy Web site and courses. The alchemists never got
everything right, but this academic site is good for science history, art and philosophy.
Bot recommends the Planetary Society, so that you humans may be nearly as good as
Erfavlins one day. Bot is a member.
Bot recommends the Sky at Night hosted by my Earthling counterpart Sir Patrick Moore, so
that you humans can open your eyes and see what's really out there!
Bot recommends The Open university (OU), so that you can learn about astrophysics,
quantum mechanics and other fun things. Some peeps worry that degrees from the OU are
not as highly regarded as those from more conventional universities, however, employers
and academics 'in the know' rate OU degrees very highly indeed! Not only are their courses
of the highest academic standard that you will find anywhere, but learning with the OU is
more self-directed which means that you have to work harder and be more independent - a
fact which employers in the know respect. The OU has no entrance requirements for its
lower-level courses, so anyone can join and work their way up to the level 3 courses which
are top standard!

Sadly, OU courses have gone up massively in price, thanks to the UK Government
withdrawing financial support to higher education. I for one can no longer afford to study with
them. Alas!
Pov-Ray is an excellent free graphics tool for creating 3D graphics!
Create your own planets with planetGenesis!
Create your own galaxies and star fields with!
Star Frontiers is a great science fiction role-playing game (SF RPG). You can
download the entire rulebooks here!
Bot recommends this site for fantastic cosmic sounds (literally) - follow the link and
then click on 'music' in their side menu. This music is based upon the natural sounds
of stars. Many stars (if not all) vibrate like bells, only very slowly. These pulsations
can be detected in the light coming from the stars and by raising the frequency to a
range that our ears can detect these people have created fantastic sounds!

I was going to right an article on the QAA for HE in the UK, but this article says it all really. Written in 2002, it still
seems just as relevant today, alas!

Want to suggest relevant links? Then email Bot at:
Visit NASA and learn about what is happening to your planet and what contributions your
planet is making to the space-fairing races of the Milky Way galaxy. Most people have no
idea what great stuff NASA are doing - pull your heads out of the sand Earthlings!
Visit the European Space Agency for the same reasons as above.
Links to technical sites concerning Pov-Ray and computer graphics. Patient with numbers? If so, then give
Pov-Ray a try.
Links that will teach you things that you ought to know!
Links to entertaining things that have inspired me, but which are also educational in their own right.
Bot recommends Ashes and Snow for a wonderful mystical experience for those who
love Nature.
BotRejectsInc recommend the World-Wide Fund for nature for nature conservation.
Bot was a member for many years, but had to discontinue due to lack of funds, but
will join again some day soon. Bot used to sponsor a family of white rhinos and was
gutted when he could no longer afford to do so.
Explore Mars in 3D! You will probably have to install blaxxun Contact first to run this 3D
explorer, but both are included on this page link.
Explore the Earth from outer space and zoom in and perhaps even see where you live with
Google Earth! This is a must for all geography, geology and planetary science enthusiasts
and indeed, for everyone with an ounce of curiosity about the World in which they live. Just
click on downloads when you get to the main page and download.
Tomtree                 For rendering trees in Pov-Ray.
A great site for interesting nature articles and monster pics!
Concept Art - another site for good artworks      An art and craft shop with lots of examples, instructions and demonstrations!

99 Colored Umbrellas        Fantasy map design!

Ian westacott (        Tree artist

Sickpapes          A site which reviews scientific papers and web sites, including!
Glenn Wolkenfeld and his wonderful educational music videos on Youtube.
Learn astronomy from your couch        Includes fun activities!
OpenGL                 A good free e-book on OpenGL graphics programming        

Blobman                For drawing human figures in Pov-Ray