Energy Drainer
Energy drainers, or Vessellari, are bizarre creatures from the Astral
Planes. Originating from a distant star or parallel dimension they make
willing servants as long as they are fed! They feed by draining the very
life-force, the electrochemical energy of living beings. This they hover up
directly using their hollow tentacles. If threatened, then they can also fire
bolts of electrically charged plasma from their tentacles, by reversing the
mechanism's polarity. If damaged or weakened, then they can rapidly
restore and regenerate themselves through feeding. Full-grown a typical
Vessellarus towers about 8 feet (2.4 m) in height. They have four
retractable eye-stalks, though curiously some, but not all, have a central
fifth stalkless eye. Their colouration varies, but most are a reddish, slightly
translucent colour. Although lacking technology, they are intelligent and
empathic to their master's wishes. Their own language comprises hisses,
hoots and whistles made by expelling air from their tentacles.
Energy Drainer in color
Energy Drainer
Size: M-L
Hits:  200-400

Hit Allocations
(Body part: d100 / % of base hits / criticals as % base hits):
  Head: 91-100 / 50% / 20%
  Left Tentacle 1: 85-90    / 25% / 15%
  Left Tentacle 2: 78-84    / 25% / 15%
  Left Tentacle 3: 71-77    / 25% / 15%
  Right Tentacle 1: 65-70  / 25% / 15%
  Right Tentacle 2: 58-64  / 25% / 15%
  Right Tentacle 3: 51-57  / 25% / 15%
  Torso: 33-50  / 60% / 30%
  Leg 1: 25-32  / 40% / 20%
  Leg 2: 17-24  / 40% / 20%
  Leg 3: 9-16    / 40% / 20%
  Leg 4: 1-8      / 40% / 20%

Strength: 4 to 8 men
TM:  10, 20, 30
SM:   x 1, astral travel

An energy drainer can attack with any one of the following
attack modes each round:          
1. Club with tentacles, 3(2) attacks, AS/PS 40/60, 1d10+2
damage, crit type C;
2. Energy Drain, 1d6(1d4) attacks, RA 40, 2d10 stamina drain;
3. Plasma Bolt, 1d6(1d4) attacks, RA 35, 3d10 damage,
electrical damage.     
The number of attacks in brackets refer to the 4-tentacled
variety. The energy drain and plasma bolts are ranged attacks
with the following ranges in metres: PB 0-5, S 6-10, M 11-30, L
31-50, E NA

Damage caused by energy drain during attack round can be
used to regenerate hits (at a rate of 1 hit for every 2 damage
and if threatened or panicked they may lash
out and club opponents with these
tentacles. However, their preferred mode of
attack is to attack from a distance using
energy drain (as when feeding) or if they
feel particularly threatened, then by
launching plasma bolts. The plasma bolts
resemble bright-blue fiery cones of light.

They have four tentacles legs equipped with
sucker-pads and can run at modest speeds
when necessary.

Energy Drainers are thought to be a type of
Shell Daemon - beings from one of the
collapsed or condensed higher dimensions.
It would normally require vast amounts of
energy to open a portal between
four-dimensional spacetime and the Shell
Dimensions, however, the Mystic Earth is in
a region of space at which the vales
between dimensions is more easily parted.
Others theorise that they were brought from
the stars. One legend speaks of these
creatures emerging from a falling star which
cracked open like an egg. They can live for
centuries and there are reports that they
slowly breed, producing a protoplasmic egg
with their tentacles, which is guarded until it
develops into a hatchling, which grows
rapidly once it begins to feed, reaching
full-size within a matter of months. If starved
for a long period of time, energy drainers
begin to shrink, but their proportions remain
unchanged as they gradually shrink away.