”Old Jack they call me, I have lived in these woods for as long as I care to remember. I have seen the woods
grow and I have seen them wane and then I have seen them wax stronger again. You are not Druids nor
woodcutters nor herbalists straying too far from their dwellings. Travelers are ye, and I wager you are searching
for something green.”

“A riddle I give to thee, to help you see the wood, for the trees are a golden green. The Dragon ye seek is but a
poisoned toad, but he will show you his gold if you take the right road. Green without and black within, he has
burnt many with his Reapers Grim. In his head shines a star of dragonite, which will lead you true through the
Gate of the Night? If the Stone ye seek, then listen near; for any may possess it, both strong and meek. If you
see not still its light, then if still you might.”

Do you want more? Dare you read on? Are you worthy? Are you ready for the Quest of Quests? Do you seek
the Holy Grail, or the Philosopher's Stone, or the Shining Star? Can you solve this ancient mystery? The wilds
of Nature seem a good place to start.
The cross of debts unpaid,
No man could bear.
The Golden Age, now forgotten.
The Doom of Men, alas!
And so began the Age of Brass.
The Wildwoods beckon, but are you brave enough to enter their mysterious depths? Perhaps you are
afraid of shadows that may lurk within. Perhaps you fear the unknown or perhaps you are too afraid of
hidden things. Know thou well that fear is part of the punishment. Come to me and I will show you
embers of the Wisdom of the Ancients. Come to me and I will unveil mysteries untold and secrets
unknown to the World. Tread with caution, but be not afraid. Leave your failing world behind and cross
the bridge. If I promised you eternity, then would you come? If I promised you the hidden Elixir of Life,
then would you come? Would you come to me for the sake of Love? What do you want from me? What
do you seek? Do you seek the hidden Light within all things? Do you seek the Dragon?
Jack Green
Jack Green?
Maybe you can find the Dragon inside the green living cells of the trees themselves? Look
carefully to move on.
Perhaps it would help to distal sayings from ancient tomes and every other source of human
lore? Remember though: "don't throw your best pearls down in front of pigs, for they will only
trample them into the dirt!"

More Pearls

Have you found the Philosopher's Stone yet?