Plutonium - Mission Brief
porthole view
The UGA Plutonium isn't quite ready yet, she is just finishing her refit. Above: a view through a porthole.

However you can tour the bridge:

Tour the bridge with interactive HTML5.
Tour the bridge without HTML5 (less interactive).

Note: The HTML5 version will form the basis of the working interface and is still under development but
already has some interactive features.


The purpose of this section of is to simulate space exploration in an interactive and
educational way. As captain of the Plutonium, refitted as it is for space exploration, you will be able to
explore star systems that have been simulated by computer, based on astrophysical data. Some, though not
all, will have planets and moons and some of these bodies may contain interesting geology or even life. If
you are lucky, then you might even discover a new alien civilisation! Where descriptions are technical, links
are provided to explanatory articles elsewhere on This is an adventure into space, into
astrophysics, astrobiology and perhaps even future politics! Dare you step into the future?

The scale of this project means that it can not be completed prior to release. Not all features are yet fully
interactive and some star systems have already been detailed, others are under construction, but already
there is much to see and more coming soon! This is an on-going project so visit regular and explore these

If you do not wish to use the NavCom to find your way around and locate scripted systems then you can
jump to the cheat page:
contents, which includes links to all scripted systems to date.
Welcome aboard the Plutonium captain!

Here you will be able to explore a small region of the Cosmos on board the
UGA Plutonium. This brand new
cruiser was originally designed to combat the Robonaut threat, but with the lull in hostilities she has been
refitted for a peaceful exploration mission. In particular her main cannons have been replaced with scientific
instrument pods: probe arrays and an additional astrobio lab. Our intentions are peaceful and we don't wish
to launch into what is possibly a habited region of space in a warship bristling with weapons! Nevertheless,
she still carries a formidable armament and can defend herself against all but the strongest of known

There is a reason for this. Two small exploration scouts have already gone missing in this sector: the
and the freelance Avatar. Nothing unusual perhaps, scouts frequently encounter problems when
exploring uncharted space. However, the admiralty are clearly puzzled about something and not saying very
much. I do know that with the reopening of the intergalactic gates, continuing exploration of new galaxies is a
high priority and this sector containing some 200 fairly close-packed stars is an especially high priority. It
has been decided to utilise the Plutonium with the vast resources a state-of-the-art cruiser can muster.
Something tells me the admiralty thinks that might be something very important out there ...