Binary Fission.
A cylindrical texture that gave some very strange wave-like effects and a curious
warping of the disc.
Strange Stars - not really accidents these two, but they look interesting I think.
A light shining onto a glass sphere, creating what looks like a
diffraction pattern. It may well be diffraction, I am not sure if
Pov-Ray can realistically generate such interesting effects,
but it appears to have done so here..
Gallery of Abstract Pov-Ray Art
Actually this gallery contains Pov-Ray experiments in which the results were either unexpected or partly
random events biased to obtain desired effects. These images are a mixture of my Pov-Ray 'accidents'
that turned out to exhibit interesting effects and experiments using Pov-Ray in which the parameters were
tweaked to give a desired result.
Strange Stranger - Changing Faces
Curiosity 2
Zero Beings
Zero Being
Zero up close
Face of Zero
Zero unmasked
bubbles 1
bubbles 2
bubbles 3
bubbles 4
bubbles 5