Yin and Yang
Heiros Gamos, the divine marriage between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, soul and spirit, fire
and water - the union of opposites, the intertwining of the two dragons!

Our Mercury is the two in one. Within the depths of its well it contains the red dragon and the white,
entwined and united as a single serpent. This old dragon sleeps, but if you wake her and let her drink
then her youth will be restored and she will be of great service to you henceforth. She sleeps holding
her tail in her mouth. Jormungandr, the great serpent who was cast into the oceans grew so large that it
encircled the Earth and held its own tail in its mouth. When it lets go of its tail it is said that the world will
end as the serpent's breath will poison the sky at Ragnarok. How then can she be allowed to drink? How
then can she be slain and yet have her youth restored? She is the soul of the world. She is Mercury
fixed, for she is the Earth, she is the Cosmos, she is everything! She spins on her axis, for where else
can the Universe go? She rotates in the cycles of the stars, the cycle of the seasons, and the cycles of
the elements and matter in the wheel of Nature. Her breath is like the vapours of metalline mercury - a
veritable poison. Our androgynous Mercury contains within itself the volatile Eagle and the Green Lion
with which to clip the Eagle's wings. As gold fixed mercury into an amalgam, so our Green lion is living
gold. You see, you can not slay the dragon,
per se, nor can you kill the Beast that devours your world.
We simply say these things are slain when they are transformed! Transmutation is the key. You cannot
kill the beast within, for you are part animal!

Saith our Cosmic Water:

"I am the Three in One and the Seven in One. Three principles, two in one, I am the Universal Magnesia,
the Seed of the World. Argent Vive, pure water, gold composed of Earth, Air, Water and Fire in equal
proportions, active and passive, Yin and Yang. The Red King in union with the White Queen, Mercury of
metalline essence, the Primal Matter of Sun and Moon, the Stag and the Unicorn. I am the Gold Lion that
you have seen before though you did not know me. Purified by Water and Fire. The First matter
transformed by Calcination. The venerable Stone that is hidden in the caverns of the metals. Corpus,
Anima and Spiritus. Salt and Sulphur mixed with Mercury. I am gold and silver elementate; Fire and

Our Mercury is Saturn philosophic, the fabric of space and time and the energy that fills it. It is the
Pythagorean cube, containing within it all forms as if imprisoned. It is the ether, the fabric of the Cosmic
Matrix. It is the light and the darkness hidden within all things. It is a water, and yet it is a secret fire. It
contained within it the Sun and the Moon, which it gave out, and which you must dissolve back into it, so
that they may be purified. It is a water both Macrocosmic and Microcosmic. Thus, there is the lesser
stone and the greater stone. It is the Quintessence or Fifth Essence from which the four elements came
and which results from their union. This dragon ouroboros, or mercurius homogeneus is first distilled to
obtain the Mercurius Vivus, the living Mercury, our Aqua Regia, our caduceus with which to dissolve the
Sun and the Moon.
The First Gate is Calcination - applcation of a moderate heat to purge impurities from the Prime
Matter. The Second Gate is Solution, dissolving the 'ashes' in the Alcahest or universal solvent, this
is introspection. The Third Gate is Separation, a purification process which separates the pure from
the impure. The Fourth Gate is Conjunction, a balancing of opposites. You must balance the burning
fires of severity with the cool waters of mercy. Ours is a fire which does not drive out all the moisture
from the Prime Matter. The Fifth Gate completes the Black Work and ends the Dark Night of the
Soul, for it is Putrefaction, the blackening or nigredo, the Crucifixion on Calvary. Our sun at this
stage is a black star, a dark fire, a blackened stone. You have already seen this.

To be sure, others begin with Calcination as the First Gate, but then proceed to Putrefaction, as
their Second Gate, but in truth it is up to each to divide the path into stages that they name
according to their will, for the sophic process must in the end result in the same conclusion. (Let us
not overly despair over analogies and allegories, it is the fundamental truth they represent that
matters). Some have Coagulation, the Conjunction of opposites before Putrefaction, others after it,
but in truth the process of balance occurs throughout the path.

Look within then, and know that you have a solar fiery spirit and a lunar watery soul, male and
female, thought and emotion, to become purified reason and compassion. Purge impurities in the fire
of truth, and purify with rainwater from the Heavens, dissolving away further impurities. Separate the
pure from the impure thus, and then balance reason and compassion, for neither by itself can
prosper and bear good fruit. At last the serpent may come to Putrefaction, as you are crucified upon
the Tree of Life, crucified upon the cross of the elements brought into unity by the Fifth Element of
the Holy Spirit, which is spirit and soul united in harmony, and is the Spirit of Truth that inspires true
philosophy. What some do may assist others, for as there are those crucified in spirit, so the Soul of
the World itself is crucified, for in the end there is only one Son.
primal waters
Order crystallised from the Chaos, as patterns formed in regular arrays as symmetry was
broken, but when a crystal melts and vapourises, the pattern dissolves and symmetry is
restored. The primal water had in itself all things, but not yet distinguished.