The Quickening
Continuing your exploration of the island, you climb the nearest high peak. The island is
desolate and wind-torn and rain-beaten. You are cold, tired and hungry, but at least the clear
spring water has quenched your thirst. Reaching the top of the great hill you find a magnificent
ancient chromlech. An earthen bank enclosing a great circle of some 60 massive monoliths with
an incomplete circular arc of giant trilithons within. Entering the circle along an avenue of
stones, you see rays from the sinking Sun pierce a gap in the clouds and strike the centre of
the trilithon arc, which seems to form a cup or receptacle for the light. This is a midwinter's day
and you realise in a flash of inspiration that it is the midwinter solstice, when the Sun is at its
weakest, but its dying rays have impregnated the womb of the virgin Earth and soon life will
spring forth once again.

Now do you understand? You have seen this symbol before:
Cup and ring carvings from the ancient rock art
panels in Dod Law and Millstone Burn. You saw
similar markings upon the portal dolmen.
The symbol brought to life on a grand scale! An
old map that you may recall.
So it is that the child is born! The child of Light that is the Spirit in all things:

"I am the hidden Light that is in all things."

Take heed, however, for there is more to this mystery!

Entering the central arc or receptacle of the chromlech, a beam of diffused sunlight stands before
you. You enter it.
You find yourself alone in a void, then a vision is unveiled to your eyes. You see all that was, all that is, and
all that shall be. You see shapes and hear colours colliding and annihilating, as more are formed. You
perceive infinity and both the end and beginning of time. You see nothingness, not even void, and yet you
see everything, and, oh ..., the desolation! Compared to such a vast void and to all eternity, you feel
infinitely small. Fear sweeps across you, turning into terror!

Do you dare to remain in this place? Or will you force yourself awake?
The Waters of Chaos