You find yourself floating, as if you have left the confines of your body. You feel an exhilarating sense of
wholeness, as if all is as it should be and you are but a part of something much more extensive. You see a
brilliant white light, soft and pure. You behold a vision - you see radiant orbs floating through the air across
a hilly landscape, thousands of luminous spheres passing over hills and valleys. Some of the orbs find
themselves trapped inside valleys, depressions and wells and bounce to and fro from one wall to the next.
Some of these orbs move faster and faster, rising up their confining walls until they escape altogether and
join the multitude of orbs travelling through the air, whilst others disappear into the hillsides. The multitude
of free lights suddenly blur into a continuum and then become as an ocean of light, waving gracefully in a
sintering display of harmonious motion, gently rising and falling in phase. A bright light surrounds you once
again and the vision fades from view.

The Heavens swirl around you, as you pass through a portal in the skies, which becomes a corridor
through time and space, you hear strange sounds like the vibrations of stars and heavenly bodies singing
in graceful harmony with cosmic rhythms that grow and fade as the orbs pass you by. The whole Cosmos is
alive with resonant energy. You see countless worlds as you travel through Infinity. Worlds with orange
seas, green skies and violet clouds, rivers of molten sulphur, immense geysers of liquid nitrogen,
volcanoes and cryovolcanoes spewing forth every manner of fluid; suns of every colour, solitary suns, suns
devouring suns, suns being born and suns dying. You see the immensity of Infinity in its wholeness and the
immensity of time, and you, you are nothing in comparison. This simple fact fills you with terror.
Alpha and Omega
You see Infinity unfold - you see the end of time and its beginning. You see time without time,
nothingness, not even space, and yet you see infinite space and infinite time. Infinity and nothingness
coalesce and melt into a quantum of ordered chaos. You see an infinity of forms, vibrations, shapes and
colours, phasing into existence, only to annihilate one-another by a process of mutual cancellation. You
stand alone in this infinity and sense its imminent extinction. The desolation is terrible.
Worlds within worlds
There are worlds within worlds. You have seen beyond the Cosmic Matrix. In the Beginning, time and
space melted away into a confused Chaos. The fundamental forces of electromagnetism, strong and
weak nuclear forces, and gravity, had not yet distinguished themselves. There were no atoms, no
particles, simply a fabric of raw energy of indescribable nature. The improbable happened, as it was
bound to do, and time and space condensed from this Chaos. Symmetry broke, and the forces became
two then four as direction in time and orientation in space acquired meaning. Waves rippled across the
fabric of spacetime. The shells of the higher dimensions collapsed and contracted. The particles formed a
continuum, each indistinguishable from the others. The forcefields created energy wells which transiently
trapped some of these quanta and they became individual particles, atoms and molecules. All manner of
forms came into being. Matter condensed and assembled into vast engines of creation. The fire of the
stars burns within you, child of stardust. Worlds came into being, countless worlds. Countless more are
yet to come. Do not mistaken, for Creation still unfolds, and you, you are a child of cosmic stuff caught in
an energy field, a transient pattern. The patterns of life pass on through time through molecules of
vibrations, shifting, mutating, transforming, evolving and adapting in a matrix of information.

Your Quest has not ended Cosmic Child.  The keys to the Matrix were lost, then found again, only to be
forgotten. Find the secret that is forgotten, and which lies hidden in the Matrix.