The far wall of the temple has vanished, or has it become a mirror?
You watch as a vision unfolds in the skrying portal.
If you cannot see the vision then download it here (1.21MB).
Is this the Lady of the Lake?
As the vision unfolds you here the harmonious gentle voice of a lady as she speaks inside your

In the beginning the Spirit moved across the face of the waters and then there was Light. The Light
was good and harmonious and beautiful to behold. All things are vibrations, from the waves on the
water, to the sounds in the air and the light of the Moon; to the vibrations of the atoms and
molecules in all matter and the vibrations of deeper things that are mysterious to you. So you too
are a wave of waves. Every thing is comprised of opposing forces that attempt always to balance
one-another, causing vibrations about their equilibrium. No balance is ever perfect, but small
vibrations are harmonious. When two waves collide they may calm one another or they may
oscillate in synchrony with greater force, but violent oscillations may become chaotic and disorderly.
So it is with humankind, therefore revile not the evildoer, for if you were in their place would your
vibrations remain harmonious? Instead strive to calm all oscillations so they stray not too far from
the point of balance, but always things must vibrate, for without vibration there cannot be life. This
is the secret of healing. Always seek to take the middle path that is straight and narrow, but know
that you cannot follow it without swaying to either side as a river meanders across the desert, but
strive to keep all oscillations harmonious. Life is a song, strive always to play in harmony, but know
that this cannot always be so. Can you hear the music? This is the Mystery of the Ages that few
"The dark Chaos had come out as a confused mass from the depth of Nothing, on the first sound of the
almighty Word, and one would have said that disorder made it, and that it could not be the work of a
God, formless as it was. All things in it were in a deep rest, and the elements in it were confused
because the divine Spirit did not yet distinguish them." (Crasselame, The Light coming out of the
What is the star that the wise seek? You leave the temple and see the Evening Star, but is it rising
or setting?

You journey on into the Wilderness...
temple skrying portal
Vision unfolding
A ghostly light upon the waves
A vision of an eclipse
A special star