Journey's End?
You have seen the Grail and the Philosopher's Stone and the First Matter and you have journeyed upon
the Astral Planes, across the Cosmic Waters, far into the West. (Did they tell you that these things don't
exist?) Yet, there remains a final portal that you cannot pass, at least not yet, however the Sun has been
found at last! You have endured the Dark Night of the Soul and you have witnessed many ancient
mysteries that were described by great philosophers and mystics. Even if you have understood only a half
of what you have seen, then it may enrich your days until the end. The ancient philosophers searched for
God and many found an empty throne; many instead found a Cosmic Water that was everywhere and in
everything, but its source remained ineffable. Others found an archetypal Divinity, of love, fundamental
truth and wisdom, reason and compassion balanced in perfect harmony. Still others found the Spirit of
Mother Nature with no need to invoke a higher principle. In the end, people form their own mental
constructs, but it is whatever they see as perfection, or the nearest thing to it that can be obtained. It was
their freedom to seek beyond the limits imposed upon them by others, and their ability to open their minds,
that gave rise to the best of mysticism and to the birth of science. You may say that they lacked faith, but I
would say instead that their faith was great.

Science has found much agreement with the old lore (though the ancients got many things wrong too)
from the great Tree of Life, of which we are but a part, to the Cosmic Chaos that existed in the beginning
and from which the Universe formed as order increased. Coincidence or logical deduction, the similarities
are mysterious to me (and I like a good mystery). Of the Cosmic Matrix of Astral Waters, and of the four
elements, science has the mysterious matrix of space-time and the four fundamental forces. What of the
fifth element? To the ancients this was the deepest mystery, and indeed, consciousness remains a
mystery to modern science. The Matrix has been probed ever more deeply, but it has not yet yielded its
deepest secrets. Where science meets the imagination it is at its most powerful. The greatest science is
driven by aesthetic passion and curiosity, creativity and free thought - an open mind with a thirst for
mystery and for understanding. The importance of 'not-knowing', as the Taoist would call it, should not be
underestimated. It is a pity that humanity tends to disregard the old philosophy as of no worth, for
humanity is empty without the cosmic music to fill its soul. Can you hear this music?

To mystics the music is spell-binding, a blissful harmony that few can hear and which defies words.
Perhaps there is a harmony in all things which we cannot always hear or see.
"The sea brings comfort, and the waves they talk. When the Sun shines on the water
as it gently rises, you can see the face of God. If you look at the Sun, your soul
forgets everything as you wake from the dream of life's worries; for the joy lifts your
heart and your soul sees the wisdom of life, and beauty indescribable." ('Rasputin',
What about immortality? Did you seek the Stone because you heard that it grants immortality? To some
ancient philosophers, immortality was obtained through the works of humankind, passed-down from
generation to generation. Indeed, every deed causes ripples and echoes that travel through the Aeons of
time. To others the river was immortal, even though its patterns of swirls and eddies are ephemeral and
ever-changing. Are you an eddy that wishes to endure? If the river never changed then would it not lose
its beauty? You are a part of the river, and yet the water that flows through it is never the same. All things
came from the Tao and all things return to the Tao.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, but don't credit me, for I have only shown you some of what I
have seen. I would like to say much more, but the World would not allow it, thus I have at times spoken in
riddles. Beware those that preach of faith, for they often have very little of it.

Beware the matrix within the Matrix! The worldly authorities will blind you and deceive you, if they can, as
they have deceived the masses, as they themselves are deceived. This way they endeavour to chain you
to the unreality of the matrix, so that you will forget who you are. The Reign of the Beast endures in the
human world, as it has for thousands of years. When you are awake, you may feel intolerably lonely.
Perhaps now you know that you are not alone and perhaps then you can better endure. I have but carried
a little light, that was given to me, in this darkening age, and if you are ready, willing and in need, then I
pass the light to you. If you take the light, then the world will make you suffer, for the agents of the matrix
will try to extinguish your beloved light. Do not be deceived, for they are strong and they are many, but
eyes accustomed to a little light do not wish to return to the darkness, and so it is, we resist them.
However, 'revile not the evil-doer', for in their shoes you might do as they do, but rather correct their
misdeeds if you can.

Did you think that we would come to the end of the Quest, to the journey's end? I wasn't sure at first what
we would find or where the light would lead us, but the journey is not over, nor should it be, for the song
must be sung:
"A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving". (Lao Tzu)
The whale does not sing because she has an answer, she sings because she has a song. (Ashes to Snow)
Do not be afraid then, to drift as I drift, to seek as I seek ... For the world would call me small, it would call
me a fanatic, a failure, and, perhaps, a criminal. I care not what they think or say, except for their own
sakes, for I have seen wondrous secrets that they have tried to hide and destroy, wittingly or otherwise.
Beware, however, of spiritual pride, for we are but observers and travellers, and many who are lost today
may travel well along the path tomorrow. The greatest serve the least.

For now I leave you where we began - in the Wildwoods.
Let me introduce you to some of my friends:

Beithe the silver birch, lady of the woods with her delicate fragrance and graceful form;
Luis the rowan, the witch-tree, mountain ash, from whose wood the first form of woman was carved;
Fearn the alder, tree of the Fay of the Sidhe;
Saille the willow, old lady of the Moonlit night, an inspiration to poets;
Nion the ash, emblem of the tree of Life, the sacred world tree, from whose wood the first form of man was carved;
Huath the hawthorn, the travellers tree;
Duir the oak, druid and king of trees;
Tinne the holly, carries the crown through the winter gloom;
Coll the hazel, symbol of the tree of knowledge and wisdom;
Queirt the apple, blessed to Avalon;
Muin the vine, giver of jollity, binding friends;
Gort the ivy, she dances with the oak;
Ngetal the reed or broom for cleansing;
Straiph the blackthorn, a Taoist's tree and sister of Huath;
Ruis the elder, old girl who is an echo of fairer times;
Ailim the pine that once carried sails so proud;
Ohn the gorse, bringer of hope;
Ur the heather, a giver of mead and lightest of 'trees';
Eadhadh the quickening aspen, and its poplar kin, bringer of peace;
and Ioho the yew, ancient mother, symbol of immortality and rebirth;
Phagos the beech, Mother of the Woods, keeper of old secrets, sentinel, like a column of living stone;
Linden the dragon tree or lime;
The chestnuts, visitors from across the sea;
and let us not forget poor old Lemb the English elm, Elven tree, like them - all but gone.
It is a pity that the world little values these noble creatures, for few living things can resonate as deeply
with us as the trees can. The Beast would burn them all to the ground in the name of profit or for petty
power. The trees were the friends of Merlin when he was driven to live in the wild-woods by the insanity of
humankind. As connections to the past, they hold many ancient secrets, and if you befriend them as
Merlin did, then they will reward you greatly indeed, for they will give you riches that no amount of money
could ever buy. It is not without reason that the ancient philosophers would leave behind the cities of
humankind and venture into the wilderness. There was their power born, amidst the coils of the dragon.
Remember also, that they were of many cultures and creeds. Many tribes have tried to claim the ancient
mysteries for themselves, but nobody owns them. The fundamental truth is the fundamental truth. Can you
constantly change your view of the Cosmos as more is revealed to you? True faith is surely not stagnant,
but continually evolves. Alas! Nothing lasts forever! The day will come when the trees are no more. The
day will come when Mother Earth is blasted to dust or frozen to the core. Take care of the one world you
have, Earthling, but know that there are many different worlds ...
There are many worlds
True science, unbridled by materialistic greed, is the way forward, but we should never forget the beauty
and the light that the ancients saw, for humankind cannot live by bread alone! Perhaps you would like to
explore some of these worlds - go on then! What is stopping you? You see, the greatest Quest has only
just begun! Oh, if you had but a little faith, then you could walk on water!

I have been but a
thread-bearer ...