You awake to find yourself lying on your back looking up at misty wisps. You are moving, you realise
that you are lying in the Dragon boat, but you are alone. The boat rows itself by mysterious means,
gliding effortless through the mists. So much so that you could not tell whether you are still on the sea
or floating on the clouds themselves. You feel no pain, you realise that your wounds have been dressed
with herbs and mud, and that, miraculously your wounds seem to have almost completely healed. Who
could have rescued you? The Fay? The Druids? The Dryads? The Sylphs?

The boat is surrounded by mist, upon which it seems to float. You are travelling westward. Suddenly you
see shapes emerging through the mist to the west - landfall approaches! What island is this whose cliffs
and rocks loom toward you? Surely, you have not travelled far enough west to reach the Isle of Apples.
This is Llogres, an almost forgotten land. Here the Sun does not set, as the Winter which has taken hold
of your homelands has not taken control here. This island is in twilight, as it has been for many years,
forever Autumn.

The boat docks effortlessly with the quay. You disembark and climb steps in the cliff-face, steps that
stretch upwards some 100 yards or more. The twilight sun, setting but not setting, is warm and
comforting compared to the winter you have endured for so long. At length you reach the summit of the
cliffs and some distance away, upon a mound, is a castle, whose walls glisten with an electrum lustre.
Approaching, you see that the drawbridge is lowered across the moat. Dare you entreat entrance?

Crossing the bridge you arrive at the heavy oaken doors, which open of their own accord. The portcullis
is already raised and you walk through the gatehouse into the courtyard. No gatekeeper greats you,
indeed the castle appears deserted. Do you know this castle? There is a garden within the courtyard,
which philosophers planted in which red, white and pink roses grow round about a fountain in the midst.
The castle seems deserted now, but perhaps once, in a bygone Age, it was vibrant with courtiers, Lords
and their Ladies, musicians, knights preparing to joust in the field, servants tending the stables and the
herbs and the well. Still, this place is truly beautiful to behold, peaceful and tranquil and all aglow in the

Behold the Great Hall across the yard, is that a pale light coming from the window? Why not see if
anyone is at home?

The great oak doors open before you and a blinding light greats your eyes, shining bright as the Sun.
Aqua Regia
The light dims and you make out a radiant figure standing before you. A knight, with a red and gold lion
upon his breast. Do you know who this is?
The hexagram, do you know what this symbol means? It means the union of the seven ancient
planets, the ancient metals, the seven heavens. The upward-pointing triangle is the triangle of Fire
and the downward-pointing triangle that of Water, for this is Yin united to Yang. The upward-pointint
triangle is the ascent of matter, whilst the downward-pointing triangle is the descent of spirit as the two
join into one.

What barrier then, prevents this unity?
He removes his great helm. His face shines like the Sun, the light dims further and now you can gaze
upon him without discomfort. His face is gentle yet strong, aged and yet young, regal yet humble. He is
the King.

He is the Solar King, the Red Man, masculine Fire, elemental Gold. You see him as he once was and
as he now should be - King. Noble metal, purified by Sulfur, to alloy with mercury or silver, immune to
acids, excepting the Red Lion itself - Aqua Regia, a mixture of concentrated nitric and hydrochloric
acids, a brilliant yellow that turns fiery red, dissolver of gold.

"My law is perfection, and yet, my laws have brought the land to ruin. My knights have fought for love of
me, and, alas, they have died valiantly."

A brilliant light blinds you for a moment and then dims to reveal a new scene: the King is sitting upon a
throne, and yet he is weak and sickened, bearing a wound that will not heal. For although the world
reckons gold to be the greater of the seven metals, he cannot bear fruit alone. He continues to speak,
but in a much weakened voice:

"Tell me ... What is the secret that I have forgotten? I cannot live, but I will not die."

As philosophic Mercury and philosophic Sulfur make Gold, but not common gold ... So gold and silver
make electrum. Many believe that the Universe should be perfected, but how many can say what
perfection is? What the Cosmos can be, is balanced and whole. Yin and Yang, night and day, water
and fire, Moon and Sun, silver and gold, the Unicorn and the Stag.

When a stone is dropped in still water, the ripples oscillate, the to and fro swings of the displaced
pendulum, until they gradually dampen and dissipate, until calm is restored. Opposing forces bring
about and maintain the balance that makes life possible. Would you see all that are imperfect done
away with? Then, you would destroy the whole of creation. Many slander the Creation whilst claiming to
honour its Creator! What Nature cannot perfect, humankind strives to, but the only perfection that can
be obtained is wholeness. Scripture may say that 'ye are gods', but ye are animals also! Flesh and
Spirit - would you pitch one against the other? Without the flesh you would experience nothing and
learn nothing and bear no fruit. Do you not know, that the flesh and the spirit are made from the same
Light? Virtual light holds the atoms together in your body and the subatomic particles from which they
are made will revert to light under certain conditions. There is only One! All division is an illusion! Of
matter and light, either one can become the other, for E=mc^2! What of the Fire that with Water shall
be put? What is the Fire that burns deep within you? What is the water that flows deep within you?

Many have declared the flesh an accursed thing, and yet without it they would be naked. Slander not
the very thing that brought you into being! For many of those that do are declared 'righteous'! For as
the Spirit descends into matter, so may it rise again in increase. Why not invest in what has been given
to you from the beginning? Polish the inside of the bowl and the outside will sparkle. It is pointless to
clean the outside with so much diligence, whilst leaving the inside soiled. Many say there are two roads
that one can take, but perhaps there is a third that many do not see? Nurture the Spirit that is within
you and it may bear fruit, through the fertility of matter, and so increase and grow.

The secret that our King has forgotten, is that he and the land are one!

Transformed, upon this realisation, the King rises from his twilight slumber in-between life and death as
his energies return. The light in his eyes grows stronger.

"I put my laws before love and failed to forgive my wife, until now. Failure to forgive compounded my
error. Now I forgive those who are dear to me and I hope they can forgive me too. We have suffered for
far too long! My knights have suffered and the world has suffered without its King. Balance maybe the
key, but of all things Love is the greatest. There is nothing greater. Love forgives and does not
condemn; love dares us to care for our worst enemies even when we cannot, for love dares us to care
even for those on the edge of the light. Love dares us to never extinguish a flickering flame; love is
patient and love heals. Without love we are nothing. Those whose love for others cannot be
extinguished are the greatest of us all. It is written, that those who do not love their brothers and sisters
do not love God. The Divine Law is Love, for nothing we can know is more divine, and this law shall not
be changed but will remain true to the letter for all time. Upon this law depends the laws of all true
philosophers, the light-bearers."

The ancient philosophers were called 'sons of God' and they held that nothing within a human being
was more divine than the ability to reason and to show compassion. Ah, but they also said that God
has only one Son, you say, well if you think these two things contradict then you have not understood
my words. Perhaps you do not know who that Son, who was also the Son of Man is. Perhaps to you
these things are a paradox? If you think that I speak of religious matters, then you have truly
misunderstood. Ideology divides, whilst the truth of which I speak unites all things. This truth requires
no incredulous acts of belief, for it is irrefutable. In the end each creates a god in their own image, for a
person's faith tells you more about the person than about any powers that may be. Happy are they
whose god is irrefutably true, for there is only one fundamental truth.

Do you think that our King should judge and condemn? The World has already been judged, and the
Judgement works like this - there is a Light that heals, but many do not enter it for they are afraid that
the Light will show their faults, and so they cower in darkness. He has no need to judge, for in the end
each will be their own judge, and so they will be judged as they judge others; judge not others and you
shall not be judged. Show mercy and mercy shall be given unto you. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a
place, nobody can point to it and say, "Look! There it is!" For the Kingdom is within you. Many of those
to whom the keys were given do not enter and they stop others from doing so, for they guard the gates
like a savage dog whom nobody dare approach. These are words from one of the greatest
philosophers of old, words that are forgotten and misunderstood by so many who claim to follow his
teachings, he who is the Philosopher's Child, the child of King and Queen. Those that do not
understand have eyes but cannot see and ears but cannot hear. Indeed, they may well claim such
words to be heretical blasphemies, alas. Only when Love opens your heart will you see the irrefutable
truth of such words, words of true philosophy, not words of superstition; words that are natural, not
supernatural. Words that heal, but do not hurt or destroy.

Now do you know the key? Now do you know where to go? Then go there now! Do not be afraid, for
nobody is perfect, a fact that was intended to make all equal, bound by Love, not to drive them from
the gates! Not to reject the worse and shun them! Would you shun and torment those who are sick in
the flesh? Then why would you do so to those who are sick in spirit? Do you not know that the Spirit is
One; shun them and you shun yourself. Perhaps you are too afraid of the Light, in which case heed
what follows. Three men are in debt to a money-lender, neither can afford to pay his debt, and of the
three, one has a very great debt, one a very small debt. When the money-lender decides to cancel the
debts of them all, tell me which of the three will love the money-lender the most? It is the doom of the
World that it heeds not the words of the one they claim to honour. Indeed, there are those who claim to
honour the tombs of the philosophers, and yet they would have stoned them in life. If you do not
honour the philosophers, imperfect as they are, then honour the Law of the One they desire to serve.
Know well that this Law is written in no mortal tongue, and yet it can be read by all. Understand these
words well, for he who reads without understanding is like a shadow on the wall ...

Aqua Regia, a yellow-red fuming liquid, acrid and acidic, dissolves gold to give chloroauric acid from
which yellow crystals may be obtained. Chloroauric acid distilled with water, yields potable gold on
addition of caustic potash. Thought by some to be the Elixir of Life, and yet, our potable gold does not
contain common gold. Understand what gold it contains!

The ancient alchemists debated transmutation fiercely. There were those who attested that lead could
be turned into gold, and there were those who attested that lead could not be transmuted, and that the
only way to obtain more gold was to remove it from the impurities it contains - gold could apparently be
obtained from lead thus. For common gold both are indeed possible, for it can be made from other
elements, though extraction from impurities is by far the easier. 'As above, so it is below', for they knew
well that the microcosmos followed the same central laws as the macrocosmos, as the former was but a
reflection of the latter. The same laws of Quantum Physics govern all matter, and yet on the tiniest
scales these laws give different results to what intuition would have us expect, and what was impossible
on the macroscale becomes possible on the microscale. In the beginning was a disordered Chaos, and
yet from this Chaos Order came. The Elixir is made the same way the Cosmos came into being!
Fire on Water shall be knit
Enter, for more revelations ...