The Mirror
Look into the mirror, what do you see?
Nothing but the darkness in the water and the ripples upon its surface? Then look deeper.
Perhaps if the water is calm enough you will see clearly?
Go on have a closer look...
It's the tree again, very green and very much alive! (Click image for full size).
Oh dear! Look what has happened to the tree! Is this what you see? Do your eyes see what
you want them to see? Open your eyes before you look in the mirror.
The land has grown dry and the Sun is setting. It is the Gloming.
Darkness! The land is wasted. Perhaps we should find out where the light, life and the water
have gone? Will you take up this Quest?
"... In his vision of the creation, (he) did first see a pleasing, gladsome light, but interminated. Afterwards
appeared a horrible sad darkness, and this moved downwards, descending from the eye of the Sun.
This darkness, he said, was condensed into a certain water, but not without a mournful, inexpressible
voice or sound, as the vapours of the elements are resolved by thunder. ... Let it be your study then, ...,
to seek out this secret water, which have in itself all things." (Thomas Vaughan,
Aula Lucis, The House
of Light, 1651).
pov-ray model of an oak tree