Are you weary of desolation? Do you know how empty you are? When you are filled, then you will know how
empty you were. What did you expect to find? The Mysteries of the Ages have all but passed forgotten into
the Mists of Time.

Listen! Can you hear them? Can you hear the Voices of the Ages. They call you. Look! Can you see the
soft glow of the Light? It is all around you and within you. Expand your mind, expand the boundaries around
you and break open the box that encloses you. Inside the box is dim, but outside brightness abounds.

Have you seen the Image of Humankind? It is that of a beast with a glimmer of higher things within it. Behold!
They create the divine in their own image! Do you seek moral truths from me? I have none to give. The
animal lusts, the animal feeds, the animal punishes, the animal judges, the animal repents, and yet, the
animal loves and the animal thinks. Will you construct illusory morals from the instincts of the beast? The
Matrix is a computational program, for life is programmed to ensure the survival of its genetic material. All
your basal desires and your highest passions and most lofty reason, all serve the beast!

In the Beginning the seeds of the elements were scattered through space, in a confused mass, a fiery water
that permeated the void. The stars were born, adding order to the chaos, assembling the atoms of things to
become. They gave their ashes and their fires to their children. Their children evolved as needed, to
continue the spark of the stellar fires, for their fire burns within you, Child of Stardust. For you carry a spark
within you that began in the fires of a mighty star! The Children of the Stars developed emotions, memories
and reason, all to pass on the Stellar Spark through the darkness of the void over the aeons of time. Has
the purpose not determined the outcome? Now do you still want to slay the Beast? The Beast played its role
in nursing you and maintaining your life! But why? Must there be a reason why? 'The whale does not sing
because she has an answer, she sings because she has a song'. Perhaps the journey is more important
than its conclusion. Nature is functional and pragmatic, but she is not evil nor is she unnecessarily cruel,
and yet, is this pragmatism enough? Is this all that we are - machines that survive, for the sake of surviving?

The flatness of space and the uniformity of time gave rise to the Laws of Physics. A simple Matrix is all that
the current Cosmos came from - a matrix of spacetime that rippled and shook. Is it possible to conceive of a
simpler beginning? The Laws were inevitable and they inevitably gave the stars their life, which they
inevitably gave to you! Would the same happen if time began again from the beginning? Probably not
exactly, for there is quantum uncertainty and chance in all things, but place enough bets and one is sure to
win. It's all about choices - a particle can be in any one of any number of states, but an infinity of particles
contains all possible states. It's a matter of probability.

The key to the Matrix is information. The information encodes the patterns of matter and energy. The
courses of rivers may change only slowly with time, even though their waters are never the same from one
instant to the next - the patterns have persistence. The patterns either persist or perish because they have
no other alternative. All is because it is, and because otherwise it would not be.

What then of the nobler sentiments, like love. Did this not evolve also as an aid to the survival of the
information? It appears so, and yet, to many of the ancients this was the primary purpose. Perhaps it is all a
matter of perspective. God is Love, they wrote, God is Truth and Wisdom and the Light of all that is good,
for they could conceive of no higher essence - can you? So, they concluded, Love created all things,
through the Logos, the voice of reason and the Spirit of Truth. Those of lesser wit added additional qualities
to the Creator, to match the image of themselves in a divinity that they created, and in so doing, they
diminished the image of God - for to add to that which is whole and pure is to subtract from it. An image
remains but an image. Perhaps then, the end of the Cosmos will give birth to its beginning. Of the Cause of
Causes, with certainty, none can tell. It remains ineffable. Some have said that it is impossible for the human
mind to believe anything. Why do they need an answer? What are they afraid of, those believers of so little
faith? You have seen many mists part, but the mystery ever remains. There is a light, and the darkness
does not comprehend this light, and yet, it has never put it out. Perhaps one day it will - many believe they
know the answer, but tell me, who does?

You see, here at last is the Art of Slaying the Beast, for it is the Serpent of Illusion, the image of the Matrix!
Nothing is as it seems. The Cosmos is not what it first appears to be. Break free of all the cages that enclose
your mind. The Truth will set you free, for it is freedom - the freedom to think. The Beast gave you that
power, so that it might be slain!

Balance is the key. What then of good and evil? Mystics say that evil ultimately serves good and that two
serpents are part of the whole, intertwined. You are vibrations of energy, and yet, you do not exist in
isolation, for you are a part of the Matrix, the whole of which vibrates in harmony. For a time I thought that I
heard its song, and all seemed as it should be. Others say that the music is but a clamour that one day will
end in still silence.
Now the boat has come for you at last. Journey with me into the undying lands. Come with me as far West
as we can go. The Mists are parting. The glass that encloses the World of Humankind, is breaking. The
institutions of the World, the colleges, the corridors of power, the temples of stone, the fortresses of
mundane gold, all of machinations of humankind, all are part of the glass wall, the wall that is breaking.

I give you a choice - come with me, beyond the Matrix, or remain in this artificial world - the choice is
yours! Come with me and see the Mystery of the Ages, the Elixir of the Sages. Let us be carried through
the Avalonian portal to the land beyond!