Are you ready for a journey into the ancient Art of Philosophy? This journey will not be an easy one. It is
easy to lose yourself in the darkness of the Wild Woods where our quest begins! There are many perils
hidden in the murky depths of Tanglewood, but there are many treasures also. You must search
carefully and question always, for things are seldom as they seem to be. You must have an open mind
and an open heart, for those blinded by mortal ideology will not avail in this quest. Seek only if you dare
to seek. Seek only if you wish to find. The Ancient Greeks believed that no part of a human being is
more divine than their capacity to reason. It is also said that without love we are nothing, so let Reason
and Compassion be your guide. The Light of Reason and Compassion is a brilliant light indeed! Let
your eyes open slowly as they adjust to the light, lest the light blinds you! To succeed in your quest you
will have to see, experience and understand things that are hitherto unknown to you. This is a quest
both ancient and future; this is a quest only for the strong and brave of heart; this is the greatest quest
of all, this is the Quest of Quests!

A portal has opened in the midst of the air, dare you enter it? Dare you enter the Dark Woods?
Quest of Quests