1. Do you dare to begin the
Quest of Quests? If so then
enter the wildwood!
2. Jack Green, spirit of the
wildwood gives you a riddle.
3. Search for the Green Lion; or
is it the Green Dragon? Ancient
philosophers and mythical fable
say that he dwells deep within
the woods!
4. Look into the Mirror of Art and
Nature! Whose image do you
5. Behold! A lion of red and gold
has swallowed the Sun! But,
what is the meaning of this
6. Searching for the Stone, all
you find are old grey men.
These are remnants of a distant
time, echoes of the past.
7. In the desert wilderness you
find a lonely temple, the River of
Tears that flows across the
mighty desert into the Abyss,
and a gentle light.
8. You behold a vision of an
eclipse. Is this a portent of
pending darkness?
9. The Light is fading, the land
is barren and the tree of life
seems dead. Yet, the
weakened flame still burns and
flickering flame shall never be
10. What sword is this which
rises from the lake? You
behold a vision of a sword in a
11. The sword appears broken
and the stone smashed
asunder! How can this be?
How can the unbreakable be
12. The darkness that was
foretold is here! The Sun
blackens above the ruined
13. Are you too afraid to be
curious? You must seek, and
yet you ought to be cautious!
26. In search of the Fay, the
Children of Danu. A tumulus
burial mound gives you visions
of times past and a civilisation
that is no more. Its woes echo
on the wind. A storm is coming!
15. Remember the legend of
Phoenix? There is still
hope! Perhaps something
beautiful can rise from the
ashes of the human soul.
16. The Midgarth serpent or
Ouroborus is an ancient
symbol. What does it mean? Is
it a symbol of that which you
17. In the Beginning, it is said,
the Light shone upon the dark
waters, but what is its
18. The Pyramid holds the key
to your goal and the failure of
those that sleep. Will you wake
from slumber and see what
there is to be seen from the
top of the pyramid?
19. The Beast and the Fall!
You see the Beast unveiled!
How can this thing be slain?
Will you help the
old man who
stands alone against this
14. Alchemy was the major
philosophy in Mediaeval times,
and yet scarcely a modern
philosopher mentions it. The
Alchemists spoke of the
greatest thing in all existence,
and yet few speak of this
anymore. What did they
dream of finding which the
World shuns? What was the
Alchemist's Dream?
20. An ancient Portal Dolmen.
These ancient monuments
were said to be built by the
Fay, but what for?
21. The Witch stands alone on
a forgotten island. Don't be
afraid of her! Listen, and
discover what secrets she can
22. An ancient Cromlech or
stone circle. What was the
meaning of these mysterious
monuments and the strange
symbols carved upon them?
23. Who is this radiant
messenger, this Stellar Being
who speaks of the Logos. Many
have ears but cannot hear! Can
you hear its
24. O Fortuna, Imperatrix Mundi!
What of Seasons and Cycles?
What of the
Wheel of Fate? Is
this pre-ordained destiny, or is it
a possible future in the making?
This is an unsolved riddle that
has perplexed and confused
philosophers for millennia! Do
you really wish to know the
25. The Eremite's home. This
Eremite seems to be the last of
his kind, alas!
27. Will you join the Knights of
the Sun and seek the Holy
Grail? 'Come to me, and rest,
and drink from the
Waters of
Life.' Many say that the Grail
does not exist, but perhaps
they don't know what it is.
28. The Sacred Flame still
burns. An old friend helps you
find it in a
29. Behold the Beast yet lives!
Now, it grows in strength, and
is stronger than ever before!
His disciples are coming! Run!
30. A greying tower braves the
elements alone. It is empty and
desolate. Is the Quest over
and ended in ruin?
31. A glimmer of hope that
fades. Is this
setting star the
last of the Fay? Her beauty
has left the cold world and you
behind, alas! Is there no end
to this darkness and
32. The land is frozen and
barren, and yet a certain Light
still shines within it! All hope is
not yet lost, for the dormant
buds foretell of new life yet to
come. See the
Unicorn! And
yet they say it is a mythical
beast that does not exist!
33. Now do you see the
Dragon?! Unfortunately for
you, many are those that
cannot see it and who will stop
at nothing to stop others from
seeing it. Perhaps you know
too much now. They are
coming for you,
34. The wounded king hangs
on the brink of death. He
cannot live, but he will not die.
Caught in twilight between
worlds, perhaps you can help
him, and then perhaps he will
help you.
35. The Beast tightens his grip
upon the World! What are we
to do? Who can resist its
venomous breath?
36. Enter the Light now, do
not be afraid. You have
journeyed far and wide and
you are now in need of much
Enter the Light and
rest awhile before continuing
with your Quest!
Your Quest is not yet over! There is
still more to come ...
The Quest of Quests - Contents
Join me on a voyage into the ancient Mysteries of old philosophy. See what I see, share in my discoveries, seek with me the old secrets. This section
of Cronodon explores selected aspects of the ancient mysteries and attempts to uncover their meanings through art and imagery, by following portents
and signs, by searching to the edge of within, and to the edge of without. Such a quest is not for the frail-hearted, nor is it for those with narrow minds.
Many have eyes but cannot see, and ears but cannot hear. I tell all that I dare to tell from what I have found! It will serve you best to follow the
sequence in order. Remember, this is a work in progress.
It is a riddle I give to thee! It is the Riddle of the Philosopher's Stone!
Moonbull outside temple
37. Sail through the parting
mists to the western isle
38. Journey to the heart of the
Labyrinth, to the Temple of the
Moon; but what does it all
39. Tao.
40. Is this the journey's end?
41. The threads are falling!
Reaching for the light in a world of darkness
41. Is there a home for you in
City of Glass?
42. Or perhaps you belong in
the Wilderness with the
43. Mysticism transcends religion. Do you share the
Dream of the Mystics?
44. Are you tired of the Quest? Perhaps the spiritual life is too unreal for you? Are you more of a capitalist? Then, the
city scene maybe more for you! in any case, maybe some truth can be found there?
45. The aging portal still stands! Let us escape while it still stands!