"Find a pool of calm, still water, and throw the sword into it ... One day a King shall come and the sword will
rise again..."
Do you know this cave?

"He who reads without understanding is like a shadow on the wall. He who sees a lot with his eyes, yet
understands none of it, is poorer than the blind man who does not see yet understands.

Thus?: turn around the mirror and you shall see the whole of what there is to be seen in it." Steffan
Michelspacher: Mirror of Art and Nature.

We are one under the Sun, so remember this day then, always, for it is the doom of humans that they

"What is the finest quality of knighthood?" Asked Arthur. "What do you say Merlin?"
"Ah, well, a good knight is a blend of things like the mix of metals we use to make a good sword."
"No poetry Merlin, just a straight answer, which is it?"
"Alright then, it must be truth. Yes, that's it, truth above all else."

What is Truth? You will know it when you see it, so beware those who tell you to 'believe' in man-made
standards instead of the fundamental Truth. Seek and you shall find.
The Sword
If you find the sword what shall ye do with it? Whom does it serve? What is its purpose? Who am I?
Who are you?
The waters look fairly calm. Wait! I see ripples, something is emerging...
Is this the Sword of Kings?
The Gold Dragon.
Truth is the Fire that will set you free.
Truth is the Unicorn's Light that few can see.
Truth is the Lion spewing forth potable gold.
Truth is the Phoenix of the reborn soul.
Truth is the Sun rising within thee.
Truth is the Gold in every green tree.
Truth is Truth is Truth.
The Sword rising from the calm clear Lake, but what is the 'Sword of Kings'?
The Sword in the Stone.
Like a lion, without fear of the howling pack;
Like a gust of wind, never trapped in a snare;
Like a lotus blossom, never sprinkled by water;
Like me, like a Unicorn, in solitude roam.

(Hymn of Buddha).

May the Truth set you free.
Scarlet Cave
A golden serpent fractal
Sword rising