The tower, so empty and desolate, standing alone against the elements, alone in the greyness. An old
fable tells of a tower that men built to reach unto the Heavens, but the tower fell as the tongue in which
the men spoke became many tongues. There are many different worlds, so many different traditions,
and yet there is only one Truth. How can this be? How can there be so many different fables,
traditions, myths and religions? Do you want me to tell you that one of these happens to be infallibly
true, and that the others are infallibly wrong? You must be wise as serpents, for serpents have forked
tongues, for words can have two meanings. Can you speak in tongues? Can you speak as the wise
speak and hear as the wise hear? Heed not the 'wisdom' of the world, for the wisdom of which I speak
is not of the world, for the world does not recognise it.

There have been many towers, and many towers have fallen. Do you know of any tower that has not
begun to fade or crumbled to dust? Do you want me to build you another tower in the air? You have
come so far, but have my words not been clear? What do you want me to show you? What do you
expect to find? I have brought you to this wind-swept cliff, to a lonely old tower, crumbling in the
darkness over the Aeons of Time. Did I promise you more than this? Why then is your quest in ruin?

When Merlin grew weary of the world, it is said by some that he retreated into a deep sleep inside his
tower - a tower with walls of glass, from which Merlin used to survey the world. Others speak of how he
became trapped within a stone, so that he would remain there until the end of the world. Others speak
of his successor, Taliesin, who himself dwells in the air. Are these fates so very different? What is the
tower, and what is the stone?

The Philosopher's Stone many say, gave rise to the greatest quest for a thing that never was. The
folly of the wise it has been called. Do you think the stone is an elixir to preserve your flesh, or a
chemical to turn lead into mundane gold? What have they told you? Have they told you that the Stone
and the Grail do not exist? Did you believe what they said? What if I was to tell you that the Stone
exists, would you believe in my words? Those who do not believe, their towers end in ruin.

Enter the tower. It is an empty shell now, desolate and decayed. Fly to its heights, stand upon its walls
and look out to sea. Look out across the land. What do you behold? The lights of the city light the
gloom of the night. The keepers of the city keep its torches burning throughout the night. Can they
endure this long winter darkness?

Does a feeling of emptiness and ruin pervade your soul? Do you despair at the failure of your quest?
Then know this, the Stone does exist, for things are never quite the way they seem. Can you see
through the Mists of Avalon? Perhaps you want me to tell you what I know without a riddle? Why such
a riddle? It is written that the Justice of God would thwart any attempt to reveal the hidden secret
directly, and yet it is written that one should not hide one's light. When Socrates returned to the cave,
what did he find? Do you seek to be crucified? The Truth itself has been crucified by the world, upon
the Tree of Life. If you join the Truth, then you will be crucified also. You fought the Beast, but the
Beast cannot be killed, nor should it be.

The Spirit moved above the darkness and its light shone into the depths. The King is held in much
higher regard than the Queen, but the King can bear no fruit without his bride. Though his bride
consumes him and grieves him sore, he loves her nevertheless. Behold the Wounded King! What is
the secret that he forgot? Why he and the land are One! What have you forgotten? Why do you not
remember who you are?

The ancient philosophers wrote that there was nothing more divine in a human being than reason.
Philosophers who devoted their life to reason were called sons of God. Yet the philosophers wrote that
there is but one Son. The Logos is the Voice of Reason, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Now
are you beginning to see? Now, is the veil beginning to lift?

The Moon, the White Lady, must be in balance and harmony with the Red King. For the Red King is
the Sun. Fire on water shall you put, for fire and water must become one. What fire burns within you
and what water moves within you?

You doubt me when I say that the Philosopher's Stone exists? Oh ye of little faith! Would I lead you all
this way for nothing? I cannot tell you what the Stone is, for such secrets must be discovered and can
never be told. If they were, then they would fall upon deaf ears. If the ears can hear, then there is no
need for me to tell. If I told you, would you understand? That which is hidden is occulted. Do you fear
the unknown? Follow me, and though I cannot tell you what the Stone is, I can show you, so follow me,
for the Light that guides us will not fail.

The hollow wind echoes through the desolate tower. A gentle voice echoes, for the tower is haunted
by memories and dreams:

I was once taken into the Void near the end and beginning of time. I saw nothing and yet I saw infinity
and yet I can perceive it not. I saw a myriad of colours and forms, countless forms, all reacting together
and annihilating each other. I saw the end of time, the end of all matter and energy, the end of
everything conceivable, and, oh, the feeling of desolation!

The days of our kind are numbered, and yet still we endure, but we are so few and so widely scattered
in space and time, and oh, the emptiness of desolation! There was a time when the days were brighter
and the golden Sun warmed the day. I stood in the Tower of Glass and surveyed the wilderness round
about. Shall I tell you what I saw? I saw  wonders of which the World cannot speak, for it knoweth them
not. I saw the unfolding of mysteries that are hidden to the World, even that part which is most learned
and high. Why have I seen these things? Seek and you will find, ask and the door shall be opened
unto you. Shall I tell you what I saw? I saw a light so bright that to see it whole in a single glance would
burn, blind and destroy the beholder. For a time it blinded me. How can I tell you what I saw, when what
I saw is far beyond mortal words. Continue the Quest, seek, and you may see that portion of the
Mysteries that will open unto you, for none has seen the whole. You will awake and see the World
asleep. You will see the Desert of Humanity, that the Beast has laid to ruin. You will see the barren
cold wilderness that surrounds this tower now and like me you shall become as this tower - battered
and blasted by the Voice of the Wilderness. Alone you shall stand, alone in the grey, and the cold
rushing air will pierce your soul as your flame flickers. You shall be as a burning candle alone in a

Know, however, that your tower shall not stand alone. Beyond the horizon, over the sea, there are yet
others, though many have fallen, and those few that remain are far between. Do not despair if the
World hates you, for it hated me first. Will you become as Socrates? Will you hang upon the Tree of
Life? To become one with the Light you must feel what the World has done to it and share in its
suffering for a time. Endure even if only for the love of those that do. The World worships the Beast,
for it has not seen its face and it knows not what it serves. People of the World will shun you and reject
you and cast you aside like a criminal. They will give you a heavy yoke to carry. Their world will be as a
desert to you, and oh, ..., the desolation!