After several days contemplating the things that you have seen - the mournful darkness, the never-ending
winter, the soul of the world with venom intoxicate, the passing of the Fay and the setting of the Star, you are
driven to move on by hunger as your provisions are exhausted. You pass back into the wild woods, en route
to the city port.

You were sure that you knew the way through these woods, but soon find your path narrowing to a small
animal track and soon you are scrambling through thorns and branches. Surely the main path cannot be far
from here? The winter woodland has little food to nourish you, so you must find your way.
Moonbeams diffuse through the open winter canopy, casting a myriad of eerie shadows. The trees seem
alive, yet dormant, as if waiting in anticipation, enduring the harsh winter they still stand tall. The pulse of
life has stilled, almost stopped, and yet within the frozen boughs the sap waits and the cells wait.
Perhaps the embers of their fire still burns deep within, or perhaps they will be rekindled in a future time.
Silently, they endure this Dark Night.

Approaching a moon-bright clearing, you soon realise that a light emanates from the clearing itself, as if
the snow and trees themselves were aglow with a white, ghostly light. Suddenly the light condenses,
crystallises and a haunting whinnying cry splits the night - behold, the Unicorn!

She emits a radiance almost too bright to behold, and yet she is a dark nightmare to many. Her mane is
a ghostly fire and her magnificent horn is a cornucopia, a horn of plenty. Be not deceived, for it is said
that those who possess the horn of the unicorn can possess limitless riches of gold, silver and
gemstones the like of which the world has not seen. Many would hunt her down and try to take her horn,
but even if they could catch her they would not receive this wealth, for this is wealth immaterial,
elemental. This mare is a guiding light, the Light of Truth, the cool light of true compassion that
permeates the darkest night.  Even in the depths of this Dark Wildwood in the midst of this Dark Winter,
on this Dark Night, her light can be seen by the pure in heart. Follow her, heed my advice and follow the
Moonlight; follow the Light of Nature.
Queen of the Underworld
Lady of the Night
Queen of Elfland
A white mare rising from the sea at sunrise
A nightmare to some,
But a dream to others of eternal light.

With alicorn of red, white and black
Solitary, uncatchable
Like the wind
Never caught in a snare
The healing song of swans
Upon the Silver Lake.

Hidden Light of Life
In view of all but seen by few.
Have you eyes that cannot see?
Seek and you will find
Immortal Grace Divine
Of the philosophical kind.

Blessed Water
Daughter of Pluto
Bright, living, Crystalline Water
Power and energy
Fine silver, seen by few past and future
Lux Occultum.
You stare in awe at the Unicorn as she stares at you.
In a flash she vanishes. Running into the clearing you perceive her glow coming from the other side of
the wood, then, with lightning speed, she is gone. You were blessed to see her at all.