What is happening?
For many long years you have travelled through the Wilderness. After much toil and many trials you
arrive at nothing but desert - endless seas of barren sand. This is the land that was promised, so why is
it so desolate? Descending another dune, burning with thirst and fatigue, you see a white temple.
Moving to the temple entrance, you hear the hot dry wind reverberating through its empty sanctum, or is
it the voice of sorrow? Where are the kind priests to great you? Where are those angels? Why is this
place so desolate?
You climb the steps to find an empty temple. Empty, that is, except for the Well of Tears in its centre,
beneath the skylight. At least you can drink and quench your thirst and rest the night here.
Waking in darkness, you see a single source of light coming down from above, through the skylight. The
light is soft and of an unearthly ethereal whiteness.
Peering into the well you see...
Only the Moon's reflection in the water.
The Wilderness