The End of Days

The One Ring

"Behold the Evil Eye! The eye that sees all evil has become evil. It is written: do not stare into the Abyss for too long, for the Abyss stares back into you. An encryption I give to you, which calls for learning, for the name of the Beast is a number, and that number is 41. To be exact, this is the name of but one head of the Beast. It all began with the global network, Skynet. All became connected and all were analyzed for impurity by the false prophets and their thought police. Information is power, and to the disciples of the Beast, power is control. To understand what I write, you must see in part in black and white.

I write to you, gentle kin, in the hope that some day your minds will be free; your eyes and ears open and your hearts receptive to the light. If you are reading this with true understanding, then there is yet hope that in the future will dawn a better Age.

The judgement works like this: there is a light, but many are too afraid to enter the light for they fear it will expose their faults. Know, however, that not all judgements are true, for there is also a black light that judges by its own false standards. Behold! The false prophet will try to remove a splinter from the eye of another whilst ignoring the log in their own eye. The 'God' they represent is but their own alter-ego. The wise have written, 'See no evil' but the worldly powers have written 'See all as evil and command it'.

It began with the Ages of Inequity. There are those who took all and declared it theirs and whosoever else took even the smallest part of their fair share was declared a 'thief'. It is written, 'Thou shalt not steal'. Perhaps a better commandment would have been, 'Thou shalt share'. All is one. Nature gives and Nature takes away. The Land belongs to all who are nourished by it and all who were born upon it. The all-seeing eye accused the people of 'sin' for simply being that which they were meant to be.

'Horses have hooves so that their feet can grip on frost and snow, and hair so that they can withstand the wind and cold. They eat grass and drink water, they buck and gallop, for this is the innate nature of horses. Even if they had great towers and magnificent halls, they would not be interested in them. However, when Po Lo came on the scene, he said, 'I know how to train horses.' He branded them, cut their hair and their hooves, put halters on their heads, bridled them, hobbled them and shut them up in stables. Out of ten horses at least two or three die. Then he makes them hungry and thirsty, gallops them, races them, parades them, runs them together. He keeps before them the fear of the bit and ropes, behind them the fear of the whip and crop. Now more than half the horses are dead. ...

I think that someone who truly knows how to rule the world would not be like this. The people have a true nature, they weave cloth, they farm to produce food. This is their basic Virtue. They are all one in this ... In this time of perfect Virtue, people live side by side with the birds and beasts, sharing the world in common with all life. No one knows of distinctions such as nobles and the peasantry! Totally without wisdom but with virtue which does not disappear; totally without desire they are known as truly simple. If people are truly simple, they can follow their true nature. Then the perfect sage comes, going on about benevolence, straining for self-righteousness, and suddenly everyone begins to have doubts. They start to fuss over the music, cutting and trimming the rituals, and thus the whole world is disturbed. If the pure essence had not been so cut about, how could they have otherwise ended up with sacrificial bowls? If the raw jade was not broken apart, how could the symbols of power be made? If the Tao and Te - Way and Virtue - had not been ignored, how could benevolence and righteousness have been preferred? ... The abuse of the Tao and Te - Way and Virtue - to make benevolence and righteousness, this was the error of the sage.

Horses, when they live wild, eat grass and drink water; when they are content, they entwine their necks and rub each other. When angry, they turn their backs on each other and kick out. This is what horses know. But if harnessed together and lined up under constraints, they know to look sideways and arch their necks, to career around and try to spit out the bit and rid themselves of the reins. The knowledge thus gained by the horse, and its wicked behavior, is in fact the fault of Po Lo.'

(Chuang Tzu, c. fourth century BC. Translated by Martin Palmer with Elizabeth Breuilly and Jay Ramsay).

Those who claim to honor the creator do so often slight the creator's works. What honour does one give to an artist by ridiculing the work of the artist? By the smallest fault and non-fault the People were falsely judged. Humanity was criminalized, whilst the criminal elite wrote laws to excuse their own crimes. All the while the Judges and Lawmakers placed themselves above their own laws and they rained down fire upon those of their choosing. All the while, these persecutors gorged themselves on the Milk of Mammon. They destroyed whole cities, whole nations, whilst declaring themselves pure moral guardians of their 'lesser' kin. They tortured those who stood against them, declaring them 'hateful terrorists'. For it is written: 'an angel of the darkness shall appear as an angel of the light'. So it is that many, even among slaves were beguiled and would give up their own lives to protect the Beast and its disciples. The people we wanted to free were so beguiled and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they fought to defend the very system that had enslaved them.

For centuries the temples of the Beast held dominion: courthouses, intelligence agencies, banks, the machinations of government designed to protect and nourish the elites; stock-markets and other instruments for sequestering limitless material power and wealth to place it in the hands of the few. The dreams of the Beast's egotistical disciples were to be fulfilled, they declared, irrespective of their impact upon others. They had a self-declared supremacy and the right to own and to rule. Their own successes were due to their own brilliance, their failings due to circumstances beyond their control. The failings of others, they reasoned, were justly deserved.

With computer technology the elites became empowered to see into the minds of other human beings and to control those minds. Those who resisted were ruined and destroyed. The Disciples of Darkness, believing themselves to be Saints of Light, silenced those whose words they hated, calling them 'crimes of hate' until none but the chosen few had any say at all. Yet, they declared the State an 'optimum democracy'. Unable to distinguish right from wrong, light from darkness, they declared their own works of evil, good. They justified evil deeds for worldly profit. They helped themselves to that which did not belong to them and declared this to be for the greater economic good. What was good for them, they reasoned, was good for all. 'Evil' they declared was but an ambiguous word whose definition was debatable. The pain and misery their deeds inflicted upon others were of no consequence to them. Today, poverty is a 'crime'; free speech and free thought are 'crimes'. Humanity is a 'crime'. Greed is good, suffering is to be encouraged, light is darkness and the truth is bad.

The Eye gave them power. The representatives of the people are now mere puppets of the shadowy elite. The elites avoid the light of truth, for they fear its judgement, and so they hide in the shadows and condemn the light. They exterminated whole peoples and declared themselves 'merciful, righteous, holy and just'. The religions they permitted were but instruments of control. They try to shut-up the light in a light-proof box, but always a ray can be seen escaping through. Make it your endeavor then, gentle kin, to seek the light of truth.

'Cold he wander'd on high, over their cities
In weeping & pain & woe;
And where-ever he wander'd in sorrows
Upon the aged heavens
A cold shadow follow'd behind him
Like a spider's web, moist, cold & dim,
Drawing out from his sorrowing soul,
The dungeon-like heaven dividing,
Where ever the footsteps of Urizen
Walk'd over the cities in sorrow;

Till a web, dark & cold, throughout all
The tormented element stretch'd
From the sorrows of Urizen's soul;
And the Web is a female in embrio;
None could break the Web, no wings of fire,

So twisted the cords & so knotted
The meshes, twisted like to the human brain.

And all call'd it The Net of Religion.

Then the Inhabitants of those Cities
Felt their nerves change into Marrow,
And hardening Bones began
In swift diseases and torments,
In throbbings & shootings & grindings
Thro' all the coasts, till weaken'd
The Senses inward rush'd shrinking
Beneath the dark net of infection;'

(William Blake, The Book of Urizen)

Their religions became so defined, with threats of dire sufferings, and promises of rewards in fictitious places, that all forgot the teaching: "The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place. Nobody can point to it and say' 'Look! There it is! For heaven is within you." So, they could not find the door and enter in. These words were on the page of a best-selling book, but still they could not see, for they were told many lies by those who cleaned the outside of their bowels till they sparkled, whilst leaving the inside dirty. Neither the people, nor the ruling elites alike, could see the Philosopher's Stone, but only its outer garb defiled.

Recall the temptation: 'All this could be yours, if you do my will.' Unholy wars ravaged the lands. Words of wisdom became defiled by politics and law. The ancient teachings of love and forgiveness were swept aside. The poor were persecuted as criminals, whilst the weak and vulnerable were left to die of starvation. These people, it was declared, owned nothing by right, not even in the land of their birth. Even the homes of ordinary people were taken by the elites, but this was 'lawful' as declared by their own laws and so not theft at all. The land was stolen from under the people's feet and sold to the highest bidder on the  globe. According to State laws the people were stealing the land from its legal owners just by existing and were made to pay a heavy price for somewhere to sleep. They toiled in fields they did not own.

The Web of Control grew stronger, infecting all. In one last desperate struggle, what was left of humanity tried to break the power of the Ring that you see: 'One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them'. Those that held the power, were a mere handful, yet they owned the land, the fire and the water. Only the air eluded them so they poisoned it, purifying what they needed for their own purposes. They destroyed all who stood against them with ease. What they failed to understand, however, for it is in the nature of psychopaths to have certain cognitive limitations, was that All is One, there is only One. Billions died and the planet became a waste land of molten glass one can see outside the city walls. The elites clung to their power and control, passing these down to the chosen, until there were just a few cities left, but at what cost? How empty are their souls? Their descendants rule still, but they rule only a hollow kingdom of shells. They no nothing of the Majesty of Nature that was and live in eternal fear of what may be.

Beware the Eye of Darkness, for it sees all but understands little. Beware the city's laws, for they are whatever the city authorities define them to be. Tread carefully within the city, for all belongs to the chosen few and they may accuse you of damaging their property or of theft. Beware the corporations: to the city authorities the greed of the few justifies the austerity of the many. Be silent less they accuse of 'hate speech'. Defend those they torture, those they persecute and destroy and you will be accused of bigotry. Resist them and you will be declared a 'terrorist' and imprisoned indefinitely, without trial or defense, and tortured at their whim, or executed and all according to their 'democratic' and 'necessary' laws. Criticize them or expose their faults and you will be made to look like a monstrous fiend. Your only alternative is an existence of hardship and poverty in the wilderness outside the city walls. You have no rights other than those they choose to give you, which they may also take away. Surrender your will to their total control, however, and you may prosper financially and be able to boast about your 'achievements' whilst having no will of your own. Freedom is deceased, and with it the greatest boon of all has gone forever.

So ends the book of the End of Days."

This curious prologue was written by somebody under the apparent pseudonym of Salasonus. But, see the cameras in the library, you have been watched since you set foot in this city. Even my secret pass will not fool them for long. As you sat reading, the AI computer system became suspicious and scanned your face and detected an inconsistency in its database. They are coming. Fear not, but make haste, I know a special place where you can abide. A place that not even the authorities of this worldly empire can reach. Despite all their surveillance and data amassed on everyone and everything, there are truths that elude them.

Come! Let us go!