The Mystic Earth ('Midgarth' or 'Midearth') is an orb located in the portal nexus, a bridge in spacetime connecting the
more familiar universe with the
aethers of N-space (N-dimensional space) which bud from the Nexus and within which the
laws of physics are very different to the more familiar laws of the Universe
of fourth dimensional spacetime. It is of course
impossible to represent the actual geometry of N-space in ordinary 3D space (or in 4D spacetime) or in two dimensions.
However, the model above depicts the closeness of one dimension to another. It requires more energy to cross
dimensions which are more distant in this model, whilst adjacent dimensions are easier to travel between. Each
dimension or Aether is represented by a circle (or sphere). The symmetry of N-space has been simplified in our model
for it is not exact: like all systems it contains irregularities.

A number of stars and planets occupy the Astral Plane of the Nexus, and this Aether is also called the Astral Aether, but
as the first Aether expands outwards from the Nexus the stars give way to apparently empty space: the Astral Abyss.
Each bubble of
N-dimensional spacetime, or Aether, represented by a circle or sphere in the diagram, may also contain
('wheels within wheels'). The Astral Aether and the Nexus itself overlap and connect to four sub-aethers
which represent a splintering of spacetime and physical laws into more elemental components. These are the Elemental
Aethers and they form the first or
Alpha Ring around the Nexus. A portal deep beneath the oceans of the Mystic Earth is
said to connect this innermost oceanic abyss directly to the Astral Abyss.

The Astral Aether and its elemental sub-aethers collectively rotate, like a slowly spinning wheel, relative to the second or
Beta Ring of aethers, of which there are six. Beyond these are the Outer Planes: the Gamma and Delta-Ring aethers.
Beyond these outer aethers are the orbiting Satellite Aethers, which are even more outermost. These include the
Epsilon-Ring of aethers which has sheared away from the Delta-Ring due to rotational stresses. The resulting rift
between the satellite aethers and the core aethers is the Outer Abyss. The Outer Abyss merges with Zero Space. Zero
Space is the indefinable region between aethers, a region which defies logic and is the abode of the amorphous Zero
Beings who devour any material seeping or rupturing into Zero Space from the aethers; indeed they may in fact by
assembled directly from such material. The outer limit beyond the Satellite Aethers is the limit of our knowledge and there
may or may not exist further dimensions beyond it. Amongst the outer aethers are the kingdom's of Shells: aethers which
have reached their expantional limit and are now in an advanced state of collapse. These collapsing aethers are
especially difficult to reach and are the abodes of the Shell Demons. The entire system undergoes flux on the timescale
of aeons. An unknown force generated by the Nexus, perhaps resulting from a rupture or rift in spacetime, drives the
expansion of the connected aethers from innermost to outermost, but this expansion is resisted by the tension of the
stretching spacetime and which force dominates in a given aether determines whether it expands or contracts.

Mysterious alien beings, whom the inhabitants of the Mystic Earth call Angels, Demons or Gods, whose primary abodes
are the Outer Aethers, appear to maintain the entire dimensional system: some strive to stabilise the aethers from
collapse, rupture or dissolution, whilst others strive to dominate the aethers for their own purposes. Central to the plans
of these beings is the Mystic Earth at the centre of the Nexus.
The Aethers