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Free Services

All materials on this Web site are available free for non-commercial use, including educational use, though
acknowledgment must be given to and/or to any third party cited by, if
applicable. Acknowledgment can be explicit, a relevant foot-note or a simple link back to Cronodon.

Cronodon does not currently generate profit but running the site confers substantial costs. Cronodon strives to
provide free science and art materials for education, academic use, entertainment and to inspire people to
become more interested in science. If you support our cause and would like to be associated with either by advertising on or by sponsoring then please see the
sponsor Cronodon page.

Cronodon has a pool of scientific expertise (including front-line research expertise) to draw upon, principally in
the areas of biosciences, biophysics and biomechanics, microbiology, neurobiology, molecular biology,
psychology and also in areas of chemistry, physics and computing. If you would like a scientific opinion or to
discuss an article of science, such as pertaining to an article on Cronodon, then you are free to email
Cronodon at:

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Or use our
blog (which is currently somewhat neglected, but all queries are replied to by one means or

Scientific Opinion and Advice

At Cronodon we have a pool of highly qualified and highly experienced 'expertise' (if there is such a thing,
modestly speaking) in a wide variety of scientific topics. We also have years of front-line laboratory research
experience, to draw upon, carried out at some of Earth's best universities. If you have a scientific or technical
query then contact us and we will answer it to the best of our ability, free of charge! We will only give advice if
we feel that we are in a good position to do so.

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If you would like the script for one of our computer graphics, then email us. We have supplied Pov-Ray scripts
to several parties in the past, free of charge.

Article Writing

If you would like us to produce an article or review for a legitimate publishing outlet, such as a Web page or
magazine, then please contact Cronodon to discuss options. We do not write essays for students (!) but we do
write features for legitimate outlets. We have produced volumes of well-received and highly praised teaching
materials in a wide range of science topics. Most of this material can not be found on since
it is subject to third-party copyright and we prefer to present comprehensive articles online, rather than lecture
slides and learning activities intended to be used in-class. Contact us at:

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Coding Solutions

Bot has more than 10 years experience in programming computers in C++, C#, Java, PHP and JavaScript, and
increasing experience in Web programming. If you have a query then please contact us, our advice is free and
we will only give advice if we feel we are in a good position to do so. will give you some examples
of the sorts of programming we have experience with (though these examples are limited by the needs of the
web site and what Web technologies the Yahoo servers support).

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Advertising is non-profit, however, the small amount of money raised by advertising helps the site pay for
itself. Any surplus helps us develop better materials. We do NOT except animated adds, adds with sound or
adds which redirect pages or open pop-ups. We only accept in-text adds, such as hyperlinks embedded within
the text, and we will also consider picture links. We charge a modest fee for a 12 month advertising period, and
guarantee a full refund in the unlikely event that the add, or page it is on, be removed or pulled from the Web
within 6 months, or a 50% refund should it be pulled between 6 and 12 months. We check all advertisements to
ensure they link to genuine content that is ethical and not spam (as far as we can tell).

Payment for Services

Currently we are not offering any paid services and we do not charge (for legal reasons). In order to keep
logistics and legal matters to a minimum we are non-profit making company. None of our services, images or
other materials can be purchased (it is simply too much legal hastle operating as profit-making business!).
However we did accept voluntary donations via the PayPal button on our
homepage (

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online feedback form.

Cronodon is a non-profit business that believes in free access to scientific knowledge, however, we need some
money to maintain the Web site and to invest time in it, and thus we do charge for advertising services and
occasionally for one-off requests to produce custom materials. We have always run at a net financial loss. This
money helps us complete our mission objective. It is for this reason that we welcome certain forms of
If you do not wish to request a service or if you have used a free service, then please consider supporting by making a donation:

Quite a number of graphics on have been used in publications, but we have also developed
graphics to order, as well as graphics for own publications of course (not all our publications appear on this
Web site as some are subject to third-party copyright restrictions)..

The example below shows a bacterial biofilm, and its various stages of growth, and was developed for the book

C. Skilbeck, L. Pumbwe and H.M. Wexler. 2009. Quorum-sensing and multiple antibiotic resistance. In Current
Trends in Antibiotic Resistance in Infectious Diseases, A.U. Khan (ed). I.K. International Publishing, 2009.

(Note: this graphic is subject to third-party copyright).
A Bacterial Slime City
I developed the following logo for a science conference for sixth-form students, which I was involved in, at NEW
College Redditch, UK. The conference was sponsored by Rolls Royce (who own the copyright for this logo).
The logo appeared on printed pamphlets and so was required in b&w with good contrast for ease of
Many of our graphics have ended up in academic scientific publications, including peer-reviewed publications, and
in educational publications. I neglected to keep a record of them all, but some examples are: