Maybe the future of the Earth belongs not to you, human!
Many Worlds
A tribute to some cool aliens of popular sci-fi
More aliens and creatures of Cosmic myth and legend (above: a Shell Daemon)

"Every living form you can conceive exists in some time and place and there are countless other forms
you could never imagine."
alien fish
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An Infinity of Worlds, brought to you by in collaboration with Galaxy Megacorp Inc.
Cosmic Custodians
Meruvuranians - Sand-skaters
Plasmodial World

It is said that evolution never follows the same path twice. However, it is amazing that similar patterns
tend to repeat. On the small, dim world above, social slime-like
plasmodia are the height of evolution.

Alien Matters.

External link: A scientific perspective on alien matter - The Problem of Alien Life

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dormant alien
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Below, A caterpillar-like Alpha-Centaurian (from Dr Who):
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Alien cyclops
Alien Plasmodium
Alpha Centaurian
Alpha Centaurian