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The Malosian Blackfire class dreadnought is one of the most powerful warships in the known galaxy. It is
equipped with a massive array of beam energy batteries which can all be brought to bear upon a single target
by simply rotating the ship about its axis. Though not very manoeuverable, the Blackfire class does not need to
manoeuvre much in battle because although it does have powerful bow-mounted cannons, it also has
numerous long range batteries which cover all angles of fire. This gives it excellent protection against fighters
and other small fast warships, whilst the combined firepower will out-gun any UGA capital ship. The Blackfire is
essentially a mobile space fortress. It is very effective at long range and unbeatable at close range. These
ships are the main ships of the line in the Malosian battle-fleet; typically they form the front line with carriers
supporting them from the rear with Malosian fighters. Each dreadnought is also often accompanied by a light
cruiser, though these ships are designed to operate independently.

The stats below are in
Star Frontiers format (click here for explanations of terms in the SpaceTech glossary):

Length: 606 m
Hull points: 200, ADF: 2, MR: 1, DCR: 200
Propulsion: antimatter hyperdrive, nuclear fusion sub-space drive x 2

Weapons and defences vary slightly between two standard fittings: the Blackfire Type A and the BlackfireType B

Blackfire type A

Disrupter beam cannon, laser beam cannons x 2, laser beam batteries x 7, electron beam batteries x 3,
proton beam batteries x 2, neutron beam batteries x 2
Reflective hull, proton screen, electron screen, stasis screen, interceptor missiles x 20

Blackfire type B

Disrupter beam cannon, laser beam cannons x 2, laser beam batteries x 6, electron beam batteries x 3,
proton beam batteries x 2, neutron beam batteries x 2
Reflective hull, proton screen, electron screen, stasis screen, masking screen x 2, interceptor missile x 8

A third dreadnought type, the Apocalypse class dreadnought, has a similar hull to the Blackfire class, but is
designed primarily for planet bombardment. Consequently it carries numerous short range weapons and fewer
long range weapons for ship-to-ship combat and the minimum of defences, since it will only engage a
well-armed planet once fighters and ground assault forces have disabled the main planetary batteries (since
although planetary batteries are short range, they are ten times more destructive than ship mounted batteries
and are quite capable of easily destroying any capital ship in orbit).

Apocalypse class dreadnought:

Laser beam batteries x 8, proton beam battery x 2, electron beam battery x 3,
neutron beam battery x 2   
short-range neutron batteries (SNB) x 20, short-range laser battery (SLB) x 10, short-range nuclear            
warheads x 20    
Reflective hull

The short-range neutron batteries, laser batteries and missiles can be used against other ships, but only at a
maximum range of 10 000 km (cf the 90 000 km range of a typical laser battery). The neutron batteries are
designed to irradiate the planet's surface whilst leaving structures intact and each can fire twice a second and
irradiate a one km diameter region with each hit. Unprotected people within 100 m  of the target will die within
minutes, those within 200-1000 m within hours or days. The laser beam batteries, proton beam batteries and
electron beam batteries are used both to engage hostile ships and to destroy any surface hard targets, such
as battle-droids, titans (giant fighting droids) or remaining planetary batteries or missile silos. The short-range
warheads (nuclear fission or neutron) are released once a planet's anti-missile defenses have been disabled.

Four Apocolypse class dreadnoughts were built. One was deployed during the Malosian occupation of
Federation Space to eliminate planets that refused to surrender. One heavily-populated planet, Adrom-9, was
attacked by one of these warships. Initially suicide fighters laden with explosives and armed with missiles
attacked the planetary defenses, and although many fighters were destroyed, by weight of numbers they
opened up a sector in the planet's defenses. Troop transports then landed in relative safety and engaged any
remaining defenses and prevented the planetary defenses from being repaired. Finally the Apocalypse class
dreadnought brought its neutron batteries to bare, irradiating entire cities, whilst its laser batteries struck with
such intensity that many cities were ablaze in a matter of hours. This was a very dark day in galactic history and
the civilian death toll was so high that I shall not report it. Fortunately, the dreadnought was destroyed in a
close pitched battle with mercenaries who had infiltrated the enemy lines and so could not bring its radiation
and fire to any more worlds. Two more were destroyed in the Malosian war with the Sun Devils, whilst the fourth
went missing in action, possibly after a mis-jump through hyperspace.
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